101 vocabulary for French restaurants for hungry travelers (2023)

101 vocabulary for French restaurants for hungry travelers (1)

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Dinner in France can be oneOh so magicalExperience.

It can also be a challenge if you do not fully understand French gastronomic experience.

To find the right place to appreciate yoursFrench Torrada(French effort that is normally operated by the dessert) To pay the bill, this article covers everything you need to ensure that your French gastronomic experience is exactly what you want.


  • French for gastronomy: your essential guide for the French restaurant vocabulary
    • Find the best places to eat
    • You get your table
      • 1. Size of your group
      • 2. What are you there to consume?
      • 3. Where you want to sit
      • 4. If you have a reservation
    • Decry down the menu
      • The menu, the menu and the formula (3 menu French types)
      • Eat food)
      • Drinks (drinks)
      • Make your request
    • The end of the meal

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French for gastronomy: your essential guide for the French restaurant vocabulary

Choosing the right place to eat is your first step.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be difficult if you know what you want.You just need to know what you have to look for.

If you prefer to make reservations in advance, take a look at criticism and even reserve onlineLafürchetteFor restaurants in which it is necessary, do not have to feel intimidated.

Easier to talk than to do, right?

To make calls a little less scary, you can always referFluentuwhere you can improve French accents, pronunciation and meals in connection with conversations.

FluentuWe have authentic videos - such as music videos, film trailers, news and inspiring lectures - and transform them into personalized language learning classes.

You can try fluentu for free for 2 weeks.Click here to check the websiteOU DownloadThe iOS applicationorApp Android.

Find the best places to eat

I only have the trick for you.

It is a trick that I always use when I have to make a French call that I am nervous.

I sit down and write what I will say when someone answers the phone.I don't use it, but my comfort level will not improve.Here is an example of what you can say to plan your reserve:

Hello Sir, Lady.I would like to make a reservation for two people on Saturday, May 7th, at 8 p.m.

(Hello Sir/Lady. I would like to make a reservation for two people on Saturday, May 7th at 8 p.m.)

*Note that you can say a time with a 12- or 24 -hour clock and you are probably understood, but the 24 -hour clock is the most formal way to express time in a restaurant environment.

If you do not make a reservation in advance, it can make a big difference if you know what you are looking for and what is available in different types of restaurants.First let us check some of the most common types of restaurants in France.

Restaurant- -Here you go whenever you wantA great French food(A great French food) in a regular hour.

The pub)- -These typically served restaurants usually serve high -quality food for less money than a traditional restaurant.

(Video) 22 phrases to use in a "FRENCH RESTAURANT"

brewery- This is a brewery.If you are looking for a good beer and/or a healthy meal, this is your place.Complete reflections and snacks are usually served all day until afternoon.

Cafe- -This is their place.Everything.Complete reflections, fast bit, just a drink.Everything can have here.Don't forget the fabulous people who watch!

Der crepe big- -Come here when you are ready to be delicious saltypancakesit is sweetCrepes.

O bar- -If you see this sign outside, you can drink something without eating anything.

The wine bar- The wine bars vary from serving a variety of foods to only small bites and amazing.But one thing that you can be sure is that the wine will be delicious..

If you are looking for further details about various dinner in France, read itWikipedia -artikel.

You get your table

After you have decided where you want to eat, the next step is to take a table.

At first it is good to make it clear what you and your group are looking for (drinks and/or eat) and then make sure that you tell the restaurant exactly what it is.Hosts, unless you have already made a reservation.

1. Size of your group

This is uncomplicated enough - there are two ways to talk about the size of your group.

There are three of us./ We are three. (We are three.)

The difference between the first option (one) and the second option (Us) is a question of formality.You will probably want to participateUson oneRestaurant.In a coffee,oneIt will be fine!

2. What are you there to consume?

This is really very important because, depending on the answer, you often absorb them in a different place.


Drink (drink)

For breakfast(have breakfast)

For lunch(to have lunch)

For dinner(to have lunch)

3. Where you want to sit

Here, too, you don't have to think much about it!

I prefer it. (I prefer the outside.)

I prefer the interior.(I prefer the interior.)

4. If you have a reservation

We have a reservation for Walters at 8pm./ We have a reservation for Walters at 8 p.m.

We have a reservation for Walters at 8 p.m.

The way you would choose between useoneeUsIt is the same as when speaking about the size of your group.Pressure attention to your surroundings and you will always do it right.

Decry down the menu

Although meals in France can be long, inquiries usually occur at the beginning of the food and are a relatively quick event.

(Video) Learn French in 17 Minutes - ALL Food and Restaurants Phrases You Need

If you are in a more pleasant restaurant, your waiter can ask if you want oneAperitif (Usually drink alcoholic preparation drink) at the same time it delivers the menu.

The order of the food and drink (without dessert and coffee) will occur more frequently at the same time.

Map, menu and formula(3 types of French menu)

While the maprefers to what we call "the menu" in English,the menu ethe formulaSee SET menus in which you can choose the choice between the number of overall dishes you consume and what you have for every course or not.

It can also bea tastingwhat resembles a tasting menu. Depending on the restaurant, you may have included a cheese course in the menu,emÖ TastingOr you can receive a separate.

When it comes tothe mapHere are some of the main categories that you can expect.

The inputs(Appetizers)

The dishes(Main course)



The drinks(Beverages)

To eat(Essen)

The French food vocabulary is quite extensive.Here are some important words of the French food and the drink that you remember.

The salad(Salat)

Soup / soup / and velvety (SOPA)


beef (Beef)

The Lamb(Lamm)


The bunny (Coelho)

The chicken (Chicken)

pork meat (Pork meat)

The exit (Kalb)


(Video) Basic French: French Restaurant Vocabulary

The vegetable(vegetable)



French fries(fried)

The bread(offense)


To fruit(Fruit)

The cookie(Cookie)

Caramel cream (like a flan)

O was it (It was)

Cake (Torta)

Ob(In, in)

The drinks(Beverages)



O Aperitif / Aperitif(Cocktail, drink before refinancing)

The juice (Saft)



Do you want to continue learning?See thatList of food vocabulary, with photos and audio so that you can work in your pronunciation.If you feel particularly advanced, you get itQuizAnd see how they do it.

Make your request

After you have made your decision and ended the menu, your waiter will probably come and say one of the following things.

Did you decide?/ Do you choose? (Your choice?)

I listen to you.(I hear.)


What would you like to drink ?(What would you like to drink?)

What are you drinking?(What do you have to drink?)

The most common answer is for all of these questions.

I'll take ... (I'll take ...)

It is less likely that you will have options to choose from after ordering in France.However, if you ask for a steak, they can be asked about cooking.Here you will find some general guidelines that you should follow for your answer.

Blue / bleeding(Very rareBleedingis a little more cooked)



Well done(Well done)

Now that they asked, it's time to sit, relax and enjoy the environment.Maybe they will even try to use some of themdaily phrasesTo impress the neighbors on their table.

The end of the meal

Now they have ended their main course and their server is approaching the second round of talks.You will probably hear the following.

Ended?/ Did you finish?/ Do you finish? (You're done?)

The correct answer here is usually just easyyes thanks(Yes thanks). If you are in a more pleasant restaurant, you can also be asked if you liked your food.

Away?/ CTo you PLU?(Did you enjoy your meal?)

I usually go with a short oneYes that would be good(Yes, it was good), but if you were impressed by your food, it could be more enthusiastic than gaining weightYes, it was really tasty(Yes, it was really tasty).

Would you like a dessert or coffee?(Do you want dessert or coffee?)

If you want something sweet or coffee to end the food and the server did not bring the dessert menu with you, just mention thatYes I I would like the dessert card, please, please(Yes, I would like the dessert menu please).

And if you change your opinion after you have come to the list,No problem(no problem)!Just let them know nothing for me(Nothing for me).If you choose dessert and coffee, remember that coffee usually arrives in France at the end of the meal after dessert.That is dessert.

Now that your food is over and you are ready to make a moon ride along the his, it's time to getDrete(the statement).

This is a challenging moment for many non -French people.Since you are used to your server depending on where you are, you may be used to your server.This is not the case in France where you have to signal the server in most restaurants.

If you watch your server go from one side to another and hopes that he makes eye contact, try a simple onePleaseTo attract your attention.After you just have to say, everything you have to say is Drete And they are defined.If he needs eternity to return to your table after leaving the check and you are not in a particularly refined company, you can simply go to the bar or register there and pay there.In France, especially in cafés, where servers usually have a very large number of tables.

And with that I am given your walk through the moon along the Seine.Then I can suggest a night in the city with some of themuseful expressionsOr a night at home with oneNetflix French Film?

Enjoy your food!

(Video) Learn French Sentences for Traveling and Vacations

Download:This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take with you anywhere.Click here to get a copy.(Download)


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