60+ Free Multicolor Photoshop Brushes - Featured in Adobe Creative Clo (2023)

Download over 60 of my Photoshop brushes offered by Adobe for free!I've handpicked over 60 of my FAVORITE multicolor and color blending Photoshop brushes, and now you can download them all instantly in one carefully curated, easy-to-install package!For Photoshop CS6+

If you're new here, my name is Jessica Johnson (aka Creators Couture) and I create groundbreaking, industry-acclaimed Photoshop brushes! I've collaborated twice with Adobe Creative Cloud to showcase my revolutionary brush techniques and I'm a live streamer and subscription creator on Behance. Enough about me! Let's see what you can find in this amazing free Photoshop brush pack!

4 Free Impressionistic Multicolored Photoshop Brushes

4 Free Photoshop Impressionist Brushes byPhotoshop Moderne ImpressionistpinselCollection that started it all! This revolutionary technique I developed allows you to paint beautiful multicolored strokes with the Pattern Stamp tool. Directly inspired by the art of the Impressionist masters, the 4 free brushes included allow you to create Impressionist effects with a single brush stroke instead of hundreds of individual brush strokes. Not only that, I included the WHOLE thingImpressionist Master Color Palette CollectionFREE that includes 175 color blends taken directly from paintings by the Impressionist masters.

4 Free Iridescent and Holographic Photoshop Brushes

Try 2 unique styles of my iridescent and holographic Photoshop brushes, each of the 2 styles has a classic and pressure sensitive version. With these exquisitely crafted brushes, you can create dazzling, iridescent, and holographic effects in a single stroke! Watch the colors dance as you paint in Photoshop!

2 free 24k gold wet mixer brushes

Instantly paint in "living" gold and create textured, dimensional metallic brush strokes with ease with these awesome Photoshop blending brushes! With the carefully crafted blender settings and specially designed gold palette, you can create strokes in Photoshop that mimic wet and dry gold paint.24K Gold Magic Brush: Metallic Photoshop brushes

5 Free Photoshop Brushes That Turn Photos Into Impressionist Artwork

This revolutionary technique I developed was featured on Adobe Creative Cloud and you can download for FREE a pattern pack of 5 brushes that you can use to take any photo or image and create your own unique impressionist art. This technique is MUCH better than a filter because you can switch brushes and have full control over brush stroke direction, creating VERY artistic effects with no drawing skills required!Photoshop Instapressionistic Brushes

5 must-have Photoshop brushes with wet and dry textures

A meticulously crafted, VERSATILE and EDIT collection of Pressure Sensitive Brushes that will soon become your NEW ESSENTIALS! This edited collection is unique in that size, texture and flow are controlled via pressure sensitivity, allowing for amazingly natural textured strokes and incredible versatility with each brushstroke.Brushwerk Essential Photoshop brushes

4 Free Watercolor Tie Dye Brushes

Instantly create beautiful MULTICOLOR watercolor tie-dye effects with ONLY one stroke of Photoshop brush! These brushes are DYNAMIC and blend colors instantly! You can watch the colors dance as you use the pressure-sensitive settings to create unique and artistic tie-dye artworks. I chose one of my favorite brushes that includes both an "inverse" brush and a pattern brush and an inverse version of it.Multicolored watercolor tie dye Photoshop brushes

2 free brushes inspired by artistic and painterly feathers

Don't let the "feather" influence fool you, these lush and textured Photoshop brushes are textured and artistic and perfect for all types of illustrations. Although inspired by the feather creations of haute couture fashion houses, they are very painterly and versatile for realistic and abstract artworks.Photoshop brushes in pictorial artistic feathers

2 Free Metallic 3D Gold Photoshop Brushes

My GoldPlay Brush Studio allows for near 3D brush strokes right in Photoshop! Fans of my 24K Brush Magic brushes really love these brushes. Instead of creating a "flowing" golden brushstroke, these brushes use the Dry Blender brush settings to create brushstrokes that appear to pop out of the document! Maximalism is IN! I've selected 2 of my favorite brushes from this collection for you to try out.Goldplay Photoshop-Pinsel

2 free multidimensional GlitchCore brushes

My GlitchCore brush studio was truly a phenomenon, and these brushes allow you to break free from the matrix and enter a whole new world of creativity! These brushes use Photoshop's bristle brush engine and produce multicolored, multidimensional, mind-blowing brushstrokes!GlitchCore Multicolored Photoshop Brushes

1 pincel free for Wet Paint Studio

A fan favorite since the launch of this collection of brushes in 2017, the Original Wet Paint Studio lets you create beautiful wet paint blending brushstrokes using the blender's brush settings. Add beautiful wet strokes to your artwork and watch the colors blend and blend!Wet paint mixer brush for Photoshop

2 free multicolored marble brushes

These artistic and beautiful Photoshop brushes are inspired by marble textures, but they go much further and can be used on all types of art! Embedded with beautiful handcrafted marble texture, all brushes can help you create all kinds of multicolor paint strokes. They are perfect for layering and creating ALL types of artwork.Multicolored Marble Brushes for Photoshop

2 free multicolored flower and foliage brushes

These thoughtfully designed brushes are perfect for creating impressionistic digital leaf and garden brushstrokes while painting in Photoshop. Perfect for feminine and wedding designs and illustrations to add a touch of sophistication!Romantic English Garden Flower Photoshop Brushes

2 free multicolor fall art brushes

Don't let the name fool you, this is a very VERSATILE brush studio to use all year round! While many of the brushes create a delicate and artistic foliage effect, a variety of brushes are artistic and pictorial and can be used for many types of art!Multicolored Autumn Art Brushes for Photoshop

2 Free Galaxy & Sky Brushes for Photoshop

Mystical, magical and colourful! Effortlessly create graphics, illustrations, digital backgrounds, and more inspired by space and the galaxy with these GALAXY Photoshop Brushes! On a dark background, they add magical depth and create amazing effects! Pressure sensitivity allows full control over your heavenly creations!

2 free multicolored watercolor brushes

One of my first color blending collections, the Palm Beach Garden Party Collection is full of beautiful watercolor blends, directional smudges of paint, party and confetti inspired brush strokes, and more! I picked 2 of my favorite watercolor-inspired brushes from this collection to try!Impressionistic Photoshop brushes for the Palm Beach Watercolor Party

1 free Photoshop brushes inspired by fibers and textiles

This is a small but nice collection of Textile and Fiber Photoshop brushes that I use ALL THE TIME! Use these fabric-inspired brushes to enhance your illustrations and designs with amazing color-mixing brushstrokes inspired by runway trends!

1 free multicolored paintbrush

Fresh fun imperfect hand drawn pattern brushes for Photoshop. Add texture, artistic flair, and a hand-drawn feel to your designs and illustrations with these pattern brushes! Not only do they paint patterns, but they are also carefully crafted, allowing you to use the multicolor technique, and the colors fade in and out beautifully!Pattern Painter Photoshop Brushes

6 free pastel-inspired brushes - included with Adobe CC

This is a mini collection that I shared with firstAdobe Creative Cloud. The Pastel-ish collection is inspired by wet and dry pastels. They offer lots of amazing textures and natural color blending effects with Photoshop Mixer Brush settings! Not only that, I convertedImpressionistic color mixtures "The Masters"in a premade blender brush palette included for FREE with this free pastel blender brush set!

10 Free Universal Blender Brushes

I've collected all of my Blender brushes that I've created and made them available for free. You can use them to create liquid and molten gold effects when using them on the 24K Gold or GoldPlay brushes, or experiment with blending any area of ​​your artwork. They are preset with no colors loaded, so just mix the colors you have in your artwork. They use Photoshop's Mixer brush settings.

    Don't miss the 3 Foundation Tutorial Series!
    If you are new to my tools and techniques, I have 3 foundation series to help you fully understand working with your new brush collections as well as layer styles and get you up and running in no time!

    • Multicolored impressionistic brush technique
    • Understanding the wet paint mixer brush technique
    • Illustrate and design with layer styles

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