Assistant Administrative Coordinator in the San Bernardino Community College District (2023)

Alternate Administrative Coordinator

Wage:$31.89 per hour

Location:Various Locations - San Bernardino County, CA

Kind of work:

Department:various departments

Job Number:0726


06/30/2023 16:30 m. Pacific

Job description

This publication is intended to establish a pool of qualified applicants for the 2022-2023 academic year. The department may not be actively recruiting. Your application will remain on file for consideration until June 30, 2023. If the department is interested in interviewing you, the department will contact you with the information provided in your application.


Performs a variety of highly responsible, complex and sensitive administrative and administrative tasks in support of the designated Executive Administrator (eg, Vice Chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor, Executive Director, Chief of Police and Vice President). Supervises and coordinates the tasks of assigned personnel.

distinct features

The Administrative Coordinator classification is distinguished from Administrative Assistant III by performing the full range of highly responsible, complex and sensitive administrative functions in support of an executive-level administrator with a broad level of responsibility for important and complex programs and functions with Impact. the district. The Administrative Coordinator performs the most difficult and responsible types of tasks assigned to classes within this series, including providing primary support for assigned staff. Incumbents should be self-directed and free the administrator from routine administrative tasks.


The following functions are typical of this classification.

1. Participates and assists in the management of the office, exempting the administrator from various technical and administrative functions; often serves as a liaison between the administrator and the public, students, staff, and other campus/district personnel; promotes and maintains positive relationships among staff, students and the community; deals with matters of a difficult and delicate nature.

2. Plans and organizes the support functions for the assigned office; coordinates, supervises and evaluates office workflow and ensures that work is completed in a timely and accurate manner; recommends and implements workflow and procedure improvements.

3. Review, update, and inform Designated Administrator and others of critical deadlines; discusses and reviews the calendar of events regularly with the designated administrator to ensure timely coordination of office activities and the status of assigned projects; develops schedules related to activities and services for the assigned area.

4. Coordinates and assists the administrator in fulfilling various reporting requirements, operational responsibilities, research objectives, program organization, functions, and activities mandated by the district or university.

5. Assists in the development of procedures to expedite the transmission of information or facilitate the implementation of policies and programs; develops standardized computer formats for reports and publications; establishes new and revised administrative procedures, as appropriate.

6. Develops and maintains assigned calendars, schedules and appointments; coordinates, schedules and organizes meetings, training and inspections; coordinates activities with other divisions and departments; coordinates travel arrangements for assigned personnel; processes conference refunds and other requests. 7. Assist in the preparation of notices and proposals; prepares and supervises the necessary authorizations in the contracts; ensures that contractual terms comply with district policies.

8. Participates in new employee orientation when assigned.

9. Gather, research, compile, analyze, verify, synthesize, register and evaluate information; prepares and distributes narrative, statistical, and financial data and provides recommendations; complete reports; checks and reviews forms and reports to verify they are complete and in accordance with established standards and procedures.

10. Plans, coordinates, implements and evaluates complex projects, including projects related to accounting; collect information and create complex spreadsheets and reports; uses independent judgment to develop and provide recommendations, suggestions or information, as appropriate.

11. Responds to sensitive issues, complaints and requests for information; Communicates information in person or via email, or over the phone when independent judgment, knowledge, and interpretation of policies and procedures are required.

12. Oversees the preparation of Council agenda items and supporting documents; ensures that Council agenda items are submitted within district deadlines and legal requirements and guidelines; ensures that the appropriate administrator receives timely notice of requests for information or action from the Board; ensures that the Board is informed and notified of actions taken as requested; investigates and resolves discrepancies as necessary.

13. Coordinates the preparation, development and administration of program budgets; prepares cost estimates for budget recommendations; presents justifications for budget items; allocates funds to appropriate budget codes; monitor and track expenses; provides periodic budget reports to control expenses; resolves budget issues and problems; help with deposits; processes budget/expense transfers; recommend budget revisions.

14. Recommends spending on equipment, materials and supplies; initiate contact with suppliers of various products and services and ensure timely ordering, receipt, and storage; schedule maintenance and repairs as needed; Post, monitor and track invoices and other expenses.

15. Provides designated administrator support for standing and ad hoc committees and other designated groups; participates in meetings and takes notes or records proceedings; prepares and distributes agendas, handouts, and minutes as appropriate.

16. Prepares and maintains a variety of sensitive and confidential materials, transcripts, correspondence, memos, reports, proposals and other materials.

17. Writes correspondence independently; Prepare preliminary responses to letters, general correspondence, and personal inquiries of a sensitive nature, including faculty, student, and staff complaints, for the appropriate administrator.

18. Establishes and maintains a variety of complex and interrelated filing systems, including confidential files; establishes and maintains information files, records and reports, including those relating to budgets and cost records; maintains manuals and updates resource materials.

19. Receives and distributes mail and identifies and forwards items to the appropriate administrator in order of priority.


The following is a general description of the knowledge and skill required to access work and/or learn in a short period of time to successfully perform assigned roles.


Data analysis and interpretation

• Apply sorting, coding, and categorization rules.

• Analyze data

• Read reports

• Extract meaning and conclusions from quantitative and/or qualitative data.

non-client focus

• Meet customer needs and expectations

• Seeks information about the customer's immediate and long-term needs.

• Anticipates what the customer might want or expect from a product or service.

• Works across organizational boundaries to meet customer needs**

reading comprehension

• Understanding and using written information

• Knows the meaning of printed words; understand the literal meaning of the text

• Make interpretations, applications, deductions, inferences, extrapolations of written information**

Professional and technical experience

• Application of technical issues to work **

• Knows the rudimentary concepts of executing essential technical operations

critical thinking

• Evaluates information analytically and logically to solve problems

• Follow the guide, SOP, or other step-by-step procedures to find the source of a problem and correct it.

• Can detect ambiguous, incomplete, or conflicting information or instructions**

20. Performs other functions related to the main functions of the position.

Attention to the details

• Focus on job content details

• Shows care and thoroughness in adhering to quality assurance processes and procedures.

• Applies knowledge and skill to recognize and evaluate job details**

• Applies expert finishing touches to products

using technology

• Working with electronic hardware and software applications.

• Use of basic software and hardware features and functions.

• Experiment and find new uses for standard features and functions **

• Adds, improves, modifies or develops features and functions**

Teamwork/Involving Others

• Collaborate with others to achieve shared goals.

• Engage others for suggestions and ideas.


• Communicate effectively in writing

• Use correct writing mechanics, including spelling, vocabulary, grammar, syntax, punctuation, capitalization, and sentence structure.

• Logically orders and structures ideas and thought progression.


• Respond positively to change and modify behavior as the situation requires**

• Accept and adapt to change and the unknown.


• Imagine and invent new and better ways of doing things**

• Fix what is broken; find solutions and fixes with available resources

• Find new approaches to accomplishing familiar tasks.

• Create and invent new ideas; imagine the unexpected, unexplored, untested**


• Understand verbal instructions and information presented orally.

• Remember or recall key points in a conversation

• Listen actively, restating others' contributions convincingly and accurately**

Valuing Diversity

• Shows acceptance of individual differences.

• Welcomes the contribution and inclusion of others who may be different from you.

• Shows understanding and empathy for the challenges of groups seeking inclusion or facing perceived discrimination.

**Leader, Advanced or Senior level positions



An associate degree or sixty (60) semester units in business or related fields.


Six (6) years of increasingly responsible secretarial experience involving a high level of contact with the public, use of computers and office applications, and providing secretarial support to executives and managers.


Administrative office experience in an educational environment.

Equivalence provision

In the absence of sixty (60) semester units of college-level courses, equivalent to completing high school, and eight (8) years of increasingly responsible secretarial experience involving a high level of contact with the public, use of computer and office facilities, and providing secretarial support to executive and managerial staff is eligible.

Physical demands and work environment

The conditions contained herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations can be made to enable people with disabilities to perform essential job functions.

Environment: Work is done primarily in a standard office environment with frequent interruptions and distractions; prolonged periods of time watching a computer monitor; possible exposure to dissatisfied individuals.

Physical: Primary roles require sufficient physical ability and mobility to work in an office environment; standing or sitting for long periods of time; stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, reach, and occasionally twist; lifting, carrying, occasionally pushing and/or pulling light to moderate weights up to 25 pounds; operate office equipment that requires repetitive hand movements and fine coordination, including use of a computer keyboard; and communicate verbally to exchange information.

Vision: Vision in normal visual range with or without correction; vision enough to read computer screens and printed documents; and operate assigned equipment.

Hearing: Listen in the normal audio range with or without correction.

job requirements

The person selected for hire must meet the following pre-employment requirements:

• Successfully send and pass the DOJ Live Scan/Fingerprint. The cost of live scanning services will be borne by the candidate.

• Tuberculosis (TB) risk assessment

• Other pre-employment requirements may be required depending on the role (ie certifications or licenses - see job posting requirements section for more details).

Successful completion of all pre-employment requirements is mandatory to be eligible for employment. These requirements are in accordance with the Community College District Saint Bernardino .

To apply, visit:

The San Bernardino Community College District is an equal opportunity employer. The District encourages applications from underrepresented minorities and people with disabilities.

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