Asx Live: Asx Falls, US supervision authorities to protect all inserters on the failed bank in the Silicon Valley (2023)


Alex Gluyas

The S&P/ASX 200 fell 0.5 % or 35.9 points, to 7108.8 on Monday, which was overloaded by losses in the financial and technological sectors.

Golden mining workers were among the strongest actors, as the price of the precious metal expanded their profits in the second life with the demand for safe paradise.Ramelius resources added 10.2 % to $ 1.03 and St.Barbara rose 9.4 %to 58, 5 ¢.

Capricorn metals gathered 15 %to $ 4.36, after reporting their half year results on Friday.

Car rooms fell 0.2 %to $ 22.60, after its institutional claim increased $ 380 million to $ 19.95 per share.

The large banks recorded all losses when the markets digested the consequences of Banco do Silicon Valley collapse.Athe fell 1.9 %to $ 23.39, the NAB fell 1.6 %to $ 28.54, Westpac fell 1, 4 %to $ 21.49 and the Commonwealth Bank decreased by 0,4 % to US $ 95.12.

Request that ASX deprives its liquidation of monopoly actions

James Eyers

David Ferral, CEO of Fincclear, says that ASX cannot depend on removing chaos created by chess failure, and the political decision -manufacturers are asked to decide the supervision exchange on the decision, which alternative system is finally clergy andbusiness market business.

Mr.Ferrall, who previously appearedThe joint committee of financial companies and services last monthBy examining the update of blocked technology, the corporate regulatory authority also requested a "proportional" approach to the examination of compensation and settlement services providers, such as Finsclear.

"ASX remains in a very rich conflict position and its competence to offer such a complex projectThe Australian Financial Review.

"At best, it will lead to a piece of different technologies, the monopoly or, at worst, to another broken project."

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Anz increases the end of the year's gold forecast to $ 2000

Alex Gluyas

According to the Federal Reserve, which squeezes its policy this year, reduces the US dollar and leaves the real returns intact and increases the price of gold in the next quarters.

The bank said this year still had a Greenback's low view and the view that its advantage could be limited against other economies for the general US performance.

"Weak Greenback will be an important tail wind for gold prices," said Daniel Hynes, an ANZ senior commodity strategist.

Zur said the antecedents of gold demand in gold would be positive after aggressive interest rates led to liquid drains last year.

"A break in the interest cycle, a weaker USD and a safe purchase of Porto in the face of increased economic risks will support investors' appetite," Hynes said.

Zu said the price of gold is recorded only according to the disadvantage, with a goal of three months of $ 1.2 -$.

$ A ride for the best daily jump since early January

Cecile Lefort

The Australian dollar recovered 1.3 %to $ 66.64, and put it ongoing to get the best daily profit since early January.The highest squeeze was largely a function of the US dollar after the US - the authorities began emergency measures to stabilize the financial system after the sudden failure of Silicon Bank.

The measure also caused investors to remove the US reserve from the US to increase aggressive interest because it tries to initiate inflation without leading the economy to deep recession.

The Australian dollar fell by US $ 65.72 on Friday since early November.This year has fallen 2.2 % if you expect higher interest rates expectations in the United States so that US state securities are more attractive than your Australian colleagues.

"The general atmosphere supports Australian a little because it takes a lot of heat from the history of torture of the Fed," said Sean Callow, a senior currency strategist at Westpac.

Fed futures offer a 28 % chance to increase Fed's funds by 0.5 % compared to the Fed's Funds rate of around 66 % last week in its two -day political session next week.From 72 % of a room from a quarter to the point current interest rates range from 4.5 % to 4.75 %.

The ASX company contributes to the solution of "Range Fear" electric cars

Simon Evans

The administrative director of carbon fibersRollmacher Carbon RevolutionAccording to the group lights, an electric car can extend the distance that an electric car can drive from 5 % to 10 % before the vehicle needs to be charged.

Jake Dingle said the total weight of an electric vehicle was a decisive component forElectric Vehicle Manufacturerthat try to make their cars as easy as possible.

He said Geelong -based carbon bikes are between 40 and 50 % lighter than conventional aluminum bike rims.

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Bond Rally at Recession Jitter, RBA Bets Cut

Cecile Lefort

Title prices and the Australian dollar were collected in the second year in US authorities emergency measures to stabilize the US authorities' banking system in order to stabilize the banking system after collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is sufficientTo avoid additional infections and trust to strengthen the investor.

US funding and the Federal Reserve announced a series of measures on Sunday (Monday AEDT) (Monday AEDT).To protect insertion in SVBAnd it set up a new financial backstop to say that families and companies would run away from America's regional banks.

Returns from Australian government titles have fallen in case of speculation that the reserve bank does not need to increase as much as expected before.

The return of three -year securities, which reflect interest expectations, decreased by up to 15 base points to 3.04 % in early trade, the lowest since late January, and was later 3.18 %.Trog from 3.33 % before retreating to 3.49 %.

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Goldman Sachs eliminates the forecast for the increase in Fed's interest in March

Alex Gluyas

Goldman Sachs no longer expects the federal to reserve interest rates this month after the political announcements provided by US supervision authorities in response to Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

The broker expects the measures to provide banks that deposits are exposed to withdraw significant liquidity and improve the confidence of insertions.

"In view of stress in the banking system, we no longer expect FOMC to deliver our previous expectation of an increase of 25 basic walks on March 22," said Jan Hatzius.

Goldman has made his projection unchanged that the Fed will deliver an increase in May, June and July, which means that the Fed Fund interest rate now expects a 5.25 % to 5.5 % interval.

"Although we see considerable uncertainties," said Hatzius.


The crisis was avoided in SVB, but it is careful before these two troubled points


Dies -Nos -Federal Reserve'sRescue of Banco do Vale do Silicon insertionJust a few hours after US Finance Minister and Fed's former President Janet Yellen apparently indicates that this rescue was off the table, both extraordinary speed shows this event.

The moderate drop in ASX 200 in the second morning - reference has only decreased 0.6 % in initial trade - is an early sign that Fed intervention will calm down in markets.

After a weekend, when widespread bank racing fears and excessive mass events grow for hours and all deposits in the large regional banking system of America guaranteed unkind to previous rules) received a great risk of infection fromtable.

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Golden mining workers gather in the midst of the secure demand for paradise

Alex Gluyas

Golden mining workers are among the strongest actors on Monday after the price of precious metal in the middle of safe demand for Porto continues.

Gold in sight increased 0.4 %to 1876.25 in the USAThe collapse of Banco do Vale do Silicon.

At Asx St.Barbara rose 11.2 %to 59.5 ¢, Ramelius funds increased by 9.9 %to $ 1.02 and Regis resources added 9.1 %to $ 1.80.

Market company

Asx Live: Asx Falls, US supervision authorities to protect all inserters on the failed bank in the Silicon Valley (1)



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