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This Online Breton name generator will help you find the right name for your Breton character.

Find Breton name ideas for male or female characters in this name guide. You can use the names as they are written or come up with ideas to help you formulate your character's name. In the following sections, you'll find more information that can help you find the perfect name you've been looking for.

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Breton Name Generator - ESO Name Guide & Suggestions - Generator1 - Get Inspired Now! (1)

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table of contents

The High Rock Breton

We hear stories about half-elves or half-orcs from other fantasy games or books. From The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, there is a group of people who descend from the lineage of Men and Mer. We call these people “Manmers”, and the High Rock Bretons are the perfect example of that.

The Britons are descendants of Aldmers and Nedes. They are the first elves andhumaninhabitants of the young continent of Tamriel. The physical characteristics of Britons are virtually the same as humans and they are known as talented magic users due to their elven ancestry. However, Mer's features seemed to have disappeared from the Britons, save for the small dots on her ears.

Britons are exceptional magicians. They are considered intelligent compared to other men and enjoy intellectual conversations. They have a taste for the logical senses and some sciences. From TESV: Skyrim we meet many Breton NPCs likeMercer Frey, the leader of the thieves' guild, andgiraud gemaneof the College of Bards.

In this guide, we'll discuss a brief background on Skyrim's Britons andTHAT, and we're going to create some of the best Breton names. Readers will be guided to a list ofTop 10 male and female Breton nameswhich will give you an overview of which names are good and how they relate to the breed. We will also add to the list ourTop 10 Breton clan namesand a bonusfunny breton names.

For easier access to Breton names for your Skyrim or Elder Scrolls Online game, you can try our Breton name generatorfound here. Our name generator provides ready-to-use male and female names perfect for your next Breton game character. We have over 200,000 new and unique names ready to use at the click of a button. Try it free!

Britons, the gallant men

The Bretons are the result of crossing the Aldmer elves with the Nedes humans. For a time, men and elves could coexist in a peaceful multiracial society. However, conflicts arose between both races, creating wars and divisions. By the later years of the First Age, the Britons were already independent of Elven rule.

Bretons are commonly described as artistic craftsmen, chivalrous knights and creative wizards. They have a strong preference for prosperity or glory. Breton society is feudal. They are divided into different social classes: peasants, middle class, elite mages and nobles. When it comes to their way of life, a young Breton might find themselves seeking fame by undertaking noble missions and serving to favor elite rulers; unlike other races that engage in banditry or theft. Britons believe that through hard work, chivalry and the pursuit, one can earn their reputation to rise through the ranks of success.

The Britons' desire for knowledge and great familiarity in trade made them famous in Tamriel in all aspects of trade, building, arts, manufacturing, medicine, and scholarship. They are also skilled military personnel commonly employed for covert activities.

Bretões em Elder Scrolls Online

The Britons are great dealers in magic. Players choose a Breton race for a Magic-based DPS or sometimes a semi-healer. One of Breton's great abilities is spell cost reduction combined with cooldowns that allow them to deal sustained damage and healing.

Below is a summary table of Breton racial skills.


  • This skill passively increases experience gained from the light armor skill line. In addition, it passively increases earned Alliance Points. This is useful for groups that want to get more Alliance points from raids.

Present from Magnus

  • This feature increases the base Max Magicka of the British, allowing them to combine more offensive or defensive magic during battles.

magic resistance

  • Breton's familiarity with magic made them resistant to spell damage. This trait also increases spell resistance and Magicka recovery, and doubles the resistance effect if the Breton character is burned, chilled, or bludgeoned.

master of magic

  • With mastery of magic, Britons can reduce skill costs by a certain percentage. With himPresent from Magnus, the Breton race is truly destructive when it comes to holding spell battles.

Top 10 Breton male names

Recently, we've described the Britons as chivalrous warriors, craftsmen, and excellent battlemages. Let's link these traits together to create some of the best names for your next Breton character. Note that some Breton names are existing English or European names; therefore, we will try to make them as unique as possible. OurESO Breton Name Generatorcontains a library of ready-made names that players can use for free. Have a look at the name generatorhere.

Should I choose this?



Choose this Breton masculine name for a character who excels in defensive magic and healing.

Herzor the Heart of Gold



Noirvogel is a half-elf name related to flying predators. Choose this Breton male name for an offensively built character who focuses on destruction magic.

The Blackbird of High Rock is known to master the element of lightning and its forms.



If you consider your Breton to be respectable, polite and honorable, this name is for you. Lexandar means "wise".

Lexandar is celebrated in Daggerfall.



Gismond is a Breton name for an honored knight. Consider this name for characters who excel in swordsmanship and low in destructive spells.

The worthy.


/You're mad/

Theomatt is a Breton name for a doer of justice. Choose this name for justice!

Justice is always right, no matter who favors it.



Robenno is associated with the Big Dipper. Choose this male Breton name for characters who exhibit bear strength and Mer wisdom.

The Big Bear.



Choose this male Breton name for a witty type character. A name associated with wisdom.

The scholar.



Audrial is a Breton royal name. Choose this name for a brilliant, regal-looking character.

The quiet anthems of High Rock.



This Breton male name is for dishonest characters who carry out espionage and assassination.

The Crowd Trickster


/I look at you/

Choose this Breton name for a battlemage knight who rides hishorseand defeat your enemies.

Theomyr holds a short sword in his left hand and a wizard's staff in his right.

More Breton male names?Mira is Skyrimbreton name generator.Contains tons of suggested names for your Skyrim Breton character for free!

Top 10 female Breton names

Breton women are not far from their male counterparts. They are also intelligent, cunning, and skilled in magic. Female names should be based on these same traits and should define the character's personality. Check out our list of the top 10 Breton female names below.

Should I choose this?



Choose this Breton female name for characters who excel in the School of Destruction.

the star could



known aslion day,the name seems perfect for a mage-knight who can defend allies with magic and attack enemies with his sword.

Lowina carries the Crest of the Lion, a shield that is passed down from generation to generation.



Consider this female name for a devastating wizard versed in casting spells of affliction on his enemies.

The sapphire-eyed sorceress.



Also known as The Emerald Eye. This name is perfect for characters who focus on using and practicing the School of Illusions.

The eye of Esmerand is said to hold the future.



For Breton female characters who like to collect quests and solve them, this name is recommended. The name Ysolva describes an adventurer or a problem solver.

The solver, the adventurer.



The name Elyza is a very feminine Breton name and is highly associated with queens. The name also describes an actual wizard who specializes in spells from the School of Conjuration.

elyza to royalty



Known as the bringer of light. This is a good name for a female character who has a deep understanding of the School of Alteration.

Luminara and her companions ventured far from High Rock in search of gold and glory.

if good


Often described as The Bookish. This name is for Breton women who prefer the solemnity of books to the glory and fame of war.

She may live forever in the halls of the High Rock Library.



This name is suitable for a Breton based on restoration based spells.

There are no wounds that are not healed by Anadeine's skillful hands.



Meaning,endless beautyin common language. The nameblondeis appropriate for a female character who exhibits both beauty and ferocity.

Don't be fooled. Her eyes are pretty, but her thoughts make her furious.

Are Britons men or mer?

In the Elder Scrolls world, Britons are also identified as men, not mer. This is mainly due to their physical characteristics that closely resemble human characteristics and their lack of aptitude to wield more powerful and pure magic like Mer. Remember that Mers, especially Altmers, consider themselves superior to other races.

Check out some of our best naming concepts using our Elder Scrollsbreton name generatorpresented at the beginning of this guide.

Top 10 Breton clan names

The Britons have multicultural influences from their history of coexistence and conflict with the elves. From the progressive timeline since the liberation of the Britons in High Rock, the Breton language and naming conventions have become diverse. For cohesion in the creation of these surnames, we suggest names influenced by Aldmeri words combined with a touch of Breton (English or European).

Check out our suggested Breton last names, along with some fan-created insights below.


Ellenheim is a metonym for the phraseeast port. They are a semi-Norse bloodline family that settled on the border between eastern High Rock and western Skyrim. They send their children on long journeys east to Soledad for academic training. This clan produces the best strategists and healers in the entire Empire.


The Histran Clan are known as skilled craftsmen and merchants. They deal with the creation of runes and the imbuing of gems. They study the elemental arts passed down to them by the Aldmer. Britons who use theHistorysurnames are respected and adored by many, especially artisans.

Undefined/It never ends/

The Nedephine pride themselves on direct ancestry from the Nedic people. They are skilled craftsmen with ancient knowledge of stonemasonry and are commonly entrusted to Whiterun in the upkeep of Skyforge. Some members of this clan travel east to Morrowind to collect volcanic clay and soil to use in their crafts.

whale grass/val-hay-n/

The Vaalheine people are the few Norse who settled and interbred with the local Britons in High Rock. Their Norse-influenced knowledge of blacksmithing, combined with the modern techniques of the Britons, made them exceptional in swordsmithing and blacksmithing. Most of her clan members are travelers exploring Tamriel in search of more forged knowledge.


The Bandavyr are a well-known family of magicians. They are distinguished by their pointed ears, which suggests a strong genetic relationship with Aldmers. Some members of this clan change their surnames to Mer surnames to exercise their rights in the Colleges of Mages, especially in Skyrim where the Holdings are plentiful and are spiteful against most Men.


The Thyrrs are a renowned Breton family of magistrates and paladins. The Breton men of this family are trained to be paladins while the women become magistrates. They created a code of conduct for every member of Thyrr, and that code of conduct is the foundation of the academies to teach loyalty and reverence to the Imperium.


The Kingsvorn are experts in the School of Conjuration. Though they dislike the practice of necromancy, they are skilled summoners of lesser creatures and hunters of souls. It has been speculated that the House of Kingsvorns had created the infamous Lesser Soul Gems, but they have disputed these claims many times.


Hecousin of kingsas most Britons call them, the Lordiths are a family of Breton nobles commonly appointed by the Kings of High Rock as associates and advisors. His management is well known in High Rock and people withsenoritosurnames are highly respected.


The Rwoldeim tribe is descended from Rwolda, a Breton peasant woman who led a revolt against her Aldmer oppressors during the First Age. His heroic actions resulted in the rebellion of the other Breton population in High Rock. The people of this clan seem to be the most honorable and respectable in all of High Rock.


The Stromiths are a family of bards, writers, and philosophers. Despite being versed in destructive spells, members of this family despise using magic for harmful purposes. They spend their time wandering Tamriel to create and pursue scholarly works, or to study the community and learn the deepest secrets of its magic.

You can always try to get a convenient Elder Scrollsbreton name generatorat the top of this page. Includes clan name suggestions for your male and female Breton character and it's free!

The 10 funniest Breton names

Masters of magic and healing, honorable and distinguished people, intelligent and critical thinkers. These are the many descriptions we associate with the Breton breed. But why stop there?

In the following sections are some fun names we'd love to see on the game's Breton characters. This will certainly do away with the boring and practical names we have for Britons, especially as some names were derived from celebrities.

Take a look at our 10 fun Breton names below.


goofy gordon

No. Not in the kitchen, please.

Yew A'Wiz Harrey

Yes. You are asecoHarry and you are Britons. So you are one tooelfit's a man

britney swords

We are tired of spears. Plus who told you to hit me baby one more time?

keanu morto

Keanu Wafu is a master of the School of Conjuration. He summoned a friendly and intelligent bullpup. He was nice and quiet until his house was invaded by some Rogues and they killed hispuppy


"I don't want to go to Windhelm!", "I don't want to heal!", "Why do I have to read these scrolls?" yes go ahead

lode fartz

Explosive and deafening.

maria joana

I think this is self explanatory.

so hardeek

Deek means young in the Jel language. Always remember that.

caresser of souls

I wouldn't want this to be my Breton last name.

Ghustin's Annihilator

A Breton with a good singing voice and blond hair.

You can also find some interesting and fun Breton names for your character using ourbreton name generator. It's easy to use and it's free!

What does "Breton" mean anyway?

The word "Breton" is derived from the Ehlnofex term "beratu", which means "half" in common parlance. His bloodline was said to be the result of interbreeding between Nedic humans and Aldmer elves. Though there are other scholarly sources that discredit this theory and instead suggest that they come from mixing Atmoran and Aldmeri. Because of this, the Britons were also called "Manmers".

Ehlnofex is the ancient language of the Nirn during the Dawn Age. It is also a dialect of Merish, but is now considered a dead language in present-day Tamriel. Ehlnofex is also considered the oldest extant language and all the ancestral languages ​​of Men and Mer were derived from it. More interesting Breton name suggestions and ideas from our Elder Scrollsbreton name generatorfoundhere. It's easy to use and it's free!

Top 10 Breton names

As the end of this naming guide, we've ranked our top 10 Breton names based on the above suggestions for male and female names. Our rating is based on relevance, freshness and how the name "Breton" sounds. We have also included clan names for each name that complements the given name. Check the ranking below!



Anadeine Lordith


We are putting this first because of the magical phonetics of the name Anadeine. The surname Lordith fits the traditional description of the given name and its curt and curt pronunciation makes it even cooler.


Gismond Thyrr


This name earned our second place for its simplicity and being a straightforward Breton name. Gismond Thyrr is perfect for Breton characters wielding swords and magic.


Theomatt Bandavyr


Thirdly, this name suggests a powerful wizard who upholds justice. We found this name to be very ideal for a Breton with a core in magic or staves.


sefina whale grass


This name combines a wizard and a blacksmith in one character. The name Seffina is somewhat generic, but beautiful and strong. The Breton surname Vaalheine made his name more magical and epic. We are placing this name at number four on this list.


Herzor Ellenheim


The name Herzor suggests that your character is a trustworthy man, proficient in defensive magic. Paired with the Ellenheim surname, this Breton name is perfectly suited for a Breton character who exhibits support and healing abilities. We think this name deserves at least fifth place on this list.


Elyza Nedephine


For sixth place, we put the name of Elyza Nedephine. The first name Elyza is associated with royalty, while Nedefine are the proud descendants of the Nedic breed. A perfect combination for building your name and tradition.


Theomyr Stromith


Theomyr is for a knight who wields protective magic and sword, while the Stromith clan is a family of conservative Bretons who use magic for useful purposes. The combination of first and last name is good and we are putting this name in seventh place for that reason.


Ysolva Histra


The House of Histran is renowned for producing the finest artisans and jewelers. The name Ysolva, on the other hand, describes a free and wise woman who excels at both crafting and problem solving. We think the combination of first and last name is great and we think this name deserves at least eighth place on this list.


Lowina Rwoldi


For ninth place, the name Lowina Rwoldeim is a complete package that describes a noblewoman with exemplary leadership. This Breton name sounds respected and correct, perfect for any noble and gallant Breton female character.


Loriel Kingsvorn


The name Luriel represents beauty, while the surname Kingsvorn describes a clan versed in invocations. We see her as a character who represents beauty while being surrounded by ruthless familiars and minions. We think this name is perfect for Breton characters based around summoning or conjuring spells.

For more breed specific names in addition to Bretons you can visit ourElder Scrolls online name generatorfor a collection of breed-specific name suggestions and alternatives.

Breton Name Generator - ESO Name Guide & Suggestions - Generator1 - Get Inspired Now! (12)

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