13 is one of the hardest things I've ever done.

It was a terrible turmoil of hormones, stirring social interactions and cried in the bathroom on school dances.(The mascara said it was waterproof. It never went to the waterproof.) Like many other young people who tried to head the waters, keeping puberty, I came back to the media in search of comfort.In particular, I turned to anime and manga.

Suddenly there was a whole world of cartoons on my fingertips, a country with infinite possibilityFruit basketEOuran High School Host Club, the pastel excitement of magic girls' stories likeSailor MoonECardcaptor Sakuraand the tension and adventure ofSteel alchemistEThe gray manThis shows the escapist fantasy - there was not much in them that I could see from my own life.

So I came across a small show calledBrother Mant's Dr., and I fell in love.

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In contrast to the anime Shonen, in which the female characters were sexualized and idealized - the girls let the girls come inBrother Mant's Dr.I felt incredibly human.

Instead of worrying about mythical monsters that penetrate the earth or falling in love with vampires, these girls were busy adapting to a new school, linking to a classmate or trying to make friends with a bald cat.These girls were also strange (in the best possible way).I recognized myself and my best friends in all, and felt at home.

I checked the series again every year after I still have this relationship with the occupation of the characters.strange- Space, angry, subtle and wonderful.They remind me of me at this age, my friends, classmates, and even the girls that I was too intimidated to talk to them, and in all the characters there is something and familiar, no matter how silly.



Chiyo Mihamais admittedly one of the most unrealistic elements ofBrother Mant's Dr.but it is also one of the most kind.She is a wunderkind who jumped five classes due to her advanced intellect and (although it seems it could make it absolutely worse), it's really the best.Personal prejudices like someone who was the youngest in my class and therefore often felt uncertain or avoiding the loop.Regardless of the fact that Chiyo struggle for his colleagues and meets the expectations of his hits at home.

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Although she is blessed with extraordinary talents, Chiyo is naive and anxious and is often concerned about overloading people around her.Child) and even position themselves as great sister figures for her.Selbst If she has difficulties with socialization and self -esteem, Chiyo is happy and loving and approaches the world with open arms and an even more open heart.Chiyo also has a big, cute dog, where she can sit as if he were a horse, and if you don't believe you are charming, you're probably dead.



To the superfit,SakakiEvery centimeter is the cool girl.She is big, beautiful, distant and a natural athlete.She rarely speaks at school that her classmates interpret as mysterious lonely who do not have time for farmers.The truth removed.Sacaki is really incredibly shy, highly highly sensitive neurosenball (the same girl.) Because of her ice Queen's image, her colleagues assume she has no interest in sweet things and that she needs to consider her childish, however,They are obsessed with all sweets, especially animals.They want their own pet, but because of their mother's allergies, they can have none of their mother and spend their time to draw terrible cat scribbles on their notebooks.To make friends with the stray cats living in their neighborhood, but like their classmates, cats are arranged by Elachüchtert, and she always bites when she tries to caress it.He openly loves what he loves, but one of the emotionally resonant moments of the whole series revolves around Sakaki, who finally made friends with a wild cat, but always brings me cry.

"Kosaka" Kasuga


I don't have a favoriteBrother Mant's Dr.Character, but when Itat, he would beOsaka.OSaka has the nickname of his hometown and is an Osaka transfer student.She has a relaxed look, a tendency to dream of the day and a great difficulty in focusing on school work (or really everything around her).She has difficulty doing this, she gets terrible notes and can't even touch her toes.(girls,The same thing.) It assumes the world with a unique perspective and a true appreciation for the little things that others take as guaranteed.And wise how your mind works escapes most people, but agreed.



KaoriHe is a shy and anxious girl who disappears in the background most of the time.There is only one thing that distinguishes her from the other characters in the show: she has a drop in Sakaki.Although she gets about her sexuality and often says she says she was in love with Sakaki, regardless of the genre, she has clear romantic feelings for the other girl.A classmate about 90% of your personality will be quite familiar to me.Just go to college, Kaori - You will be lucky there.

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TomoThere is absolutely no impulse control, and I love it.It is energetic and contrary to competitive, although it is a more loose that prefers to study relaxation.Constantly in academic and sports competitions (although she always loses).She has no filter and says and says and says whatever her head plunges into her head at a certain time, regardless of the consequences, but she really decides, but in fact decides, to commit something, she can provide impressive achievements.How many of us are your biggest motivator anyway.If someone tells her that she can't do something, she canTUFEL AGAINYou will do it.



YomiIt is the perfect counterpart for tomo.It is the voice of reason, the mother of the friendship group.Simply look at the glasses!Of course she knows what he says.However, it is not perfect.To change their appearance.It is a huge crap, but for most teenage girls are deeply designated (especially those of us who grew up with poisonous media messages from the early 2000s).For a long time, and choose their love for their favorite food when she tries to look in a certain way.She has a passion for karaoke, even if it's a terrible singer, which is perfect.Configuration that makes you reach this.How much she positions herself as the most mature member of the group, Yomi is still both a child and the rest of you Ed is still in the process of growth, stumbling and discovered.



KaguraLater, in line with the show, but completes the Holy Goofy Trinity, along with Tomo and Osaka (nickname Bonkuras or "Team Idiot" from the rest of the group). But unlike her friend, she has a jaguar -Auto-Cfy and try to keep it under control.

The teachers


When I first discoveredBrother Mant's Dr.I found the two main fun characters, but I really didn't feel very kinship with them.Now, more than a decade later, I feel very different.As a teenager, I was Chiyo and the rest of his friendship group.Live.In me, I feel much closer to myselfYukariEWater surface, teachers in the classroom and at the gym.

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Yukari is the type of teacher to deliver a chair and sit back.She gives huge energy "How are you, colleagues of children?", And I say this with nothing but love in my heart far together with your students is the most important that they have not changed their students and love them for it.

Minamus, Yukari's best frenzy, is a measured person who usually shows uniform behavior and control of his feelings.Of course Yukari is angry, who desperately tries to make Minamus every step.Always buttoned completely.But I would definitely like to drink with both.

Fans of the show will have noticed that there is a great character I didn't mention:Herr.kimura, one of the teachers known to accommodate his students to scary feelings.


This was a deliberate decision, because I don't take care of Mr.Kimura.I don't like how he looks at the teenager, I don't like how he talks about teenage girls, and frankly I would be completely happy if he was in a Dolin hole falls and would have disappeared forever.In fact, I think we should remove the "perverse ridiculous" archetype of the anime as a whole.I do not laugh;I plan your premature death.Time is scary, isn't it?), So you have to have some parts that don't age well.

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Brother Mant's Dr.It may not be a perfect series, but there is a special place in my heart.He captured the pure essence of youth, something that only a few anime did so perfectly.I will always be grateful for them showed me that it showed that I do not save the world, fall in love or control a huge robot to be the hero of his own story.


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