eLearning Pioneers: Cutting Edge EdTech Innovators (2023)

Summary:These EdTech innovators are always up-to-date on the latest learning technology and how to use it to create unforgettable L&D experiences.

Honoring EdTech innovators who are two steps ahead of the trends

It seems that learning technologies are constantly evolving and adapting to our current needs and expectations. Luckily we have EdTech innovators keeping us in the loop. These pioneers take every opportunity to introduce new technologies and offer advice on choosing the best tool for the job. That's why today we recognize the thought leaders who are leading us with their insights and experiences into the future of eLearning technology. In no particular order, here are EdTech's top movers and shakers.

Cutting-edge technology innovators you should know about

Kevin Kruse

Kevin KruseThe company's mission is to inspire tomorrow's leaders. As the founder and CEO of LEADx, he offers cutting-edge, AI-powered leadership training that empowers new leaders to master essential skills and build their confidence. Kevin is also a NY Times bestselling author, Forbes contributor, advisor to Fortune 500 entrepreneurs, and keynote speaker on topics such as employee engagement, entrepreneurship, and startups.

Donald H Taylor

Donald H Tayloris a recognized author and researcher on work-based learning and learning technologies. He has held various positions throughout his career, from developer to vice president, but his vision remains the same: to help educate learning and development professionals. In his lectures he talks about L&D career development and technology-enhanced learning. In addition to serving as Chair of the Learning Technologies Conference in 2000, he moderates a bi-weekly webinar program and edits theInside Learning Technologies-Magazin.

Bartlomiej Polakowski

As Senior Architect for eLearning at Amazon,Bartlomiej Polakowskiplays an important role in helping companies choose the right eLearning solutions that drive the development of their employees. Bartlomiej shares his knowledge of learning technologies on his blog and at conferences where he speaks on topics like VR/AR, online learning, learning ecosystems, instructional design and more.

Thomas C. Murray

Thomas Murrayis Director of Innovation for Future Ready Schools, an Alliance of Excellent Education project that aims to implement personalized and student-centred learning. Thomas is a bestselling author and speaker who was named 2018 National/Global EdTech Leader of the YearEdTech Digest🇧🇷 He is also one of the co-founders of #edtechchat, a Twitter forum where educators around the world discuss the effective use of educational technology.

Dra. Catlin Tucker

herself, a former teacher,Dra. Catlin Tuckeris now a bestselling author, speaker and international trainer. She earned her PhD in Learning Technologies from Pepperdine University and has since sought to help educators blend technology with traditional teaching methods. Her main focus is of course on blended learning, which she promotes in her books, lectures, blog and podcast.

Alice Kieler

Alice Kieleris a solution-oriented educator passionate about educational technology and education through play, helping educators make the best use of learning technology. She is an expert in EdTech integrations, virtual learning, Google Certified Innovator and Microsoft Innovator Educator. She shares her expertise in education technology at workshops and conferences around the world.

Ben Drew

Ben Drewis the founder of Open Future Learning, an innovative online learning resource aimed at workers with intellectual, developmental and learning disabilities. Ben collaborates with other leading industry thought leaders and speaks at conferences and workshops on the power of stories, engaging content, on-demand learning, engaged experts, action learning and blended learning for people with disabilities.

Adam Geller

Adam Gelleris the founder of Edthena, a video conferencing platform that enables educators to share best practices, simplify observations and ensure they reach their full potential. He is a published author and an avid speaker on educational technology and teacher training at conferences around the world.

Doug Ledermann

Doug Ledermannis the editor and co-founder of Inside Higher Ed, a leading online news resource for the higher education community. It focuses on demonstrating new ways for educational institutions to transition to distance learning following the impact of the pandemic. Doug is an acclaimed EdTech thought leader who regularly shares his thoughts on higher education in the media or at universities across the country.

Vicky Davis

Vicky Davisis a teacher, IT director, blogger, podcaster, speaker and general advocate for helping educators reach their full potential so they lead with positive impact and have access to best practices. Her podcast is ranked in the top ten K12 Podcasts on iTunes and she was named Top Education Voice 2020 by LinkedIn. She speaks at conferences across the country on educational technology, computing, blogging in the classroom, and more.

James Stack

James Stackis a strong proponent of new ways of learning to support the future of work. He leverages his digital marketing experience to create workplace learning solutions that transform behaviors and drive key business metrics. James' organization is known for their work developing Forget Me Not, a spatial repetition microlearning application.

Jennifer Carolan

Jennifer Carolanis the co-founder and general partner of Reach Capital, a company comprised of a diverse group of people passionate about empowering students and educators. Since 2011, she has co-founded several funds, all with the goal of creating exceptional tools for educators, engaging learning materials for children, and a support system for their parents.

Brandon Busteed

Als Director of Partnerships und Global Head of Learning and Working Innovation bei Kaplan,Brandon BusteedThe company's mission is to help universities and employers in the United States succeed and grow. Earlier in his career, Brandon was the Founder and CEO of Outside the Classroom, an EdTech company whose online courses have been attended by more than 10 million college students. He is a published author and speaker on education and human development, and a board member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Jesse Lubinsky

Jesse Lubinskyis Education Evangelist for Adobe Inc. and the Founder and Learning Director of Ready Learner One, a provider of innovative learning solutions. He brings two decades of experience as a teacher, school administrator, and education technologist and has been named a Top 100 EdTech Expert as well as a Top Leader in K12 Technology. In addition to being a frequent speaker, Jesse runs a podcast and virtual reality program focused on innovation in learning.

Sophie Bailey

Sophie Baileyis the founder of WorkTripp and the EdTech Podcast. The goal of the first is to help remote companies hire new talent, while the second focuses on facilitating the dialogue between "ed" and "tech" to achieve more innovation. She has served as a director and industry mentor, panel moderator, and adjudicator for education and EdTech awards around the world. She always strives to help people bring their ideas to life.

Karl AL Smith

Karl AL Smithis co-founder of Agile World, a non-profit organization that supports education and training initiatives that provide free agile resources to all. He has always been fascinated by the idea of ​​technology and how it can help advance the human experience. His main focus is on customer retention and experience management in the B2B and B2C industries. He is a multi-award-winning thought leader and a prolific author.

Rafranz Davis

Rafranz Davisis an Associate Content Manager on LinkedIn. Before that she was a technology trainer and keynote speaker on technology tools like Google Workspace, Adobe Creative Suite and more. She is a Google Certified Innovator and Microsoft Innovative Education Specialist. Rafranz has advised numerous technology companies and is an enthusiastic speaker at local, state and national events on topics such as connected learning, digital justice, student data and privacy, and creativity and diversity in EdTech.

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