FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (2023)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (1)

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With a super interesting plot, many friendly characters withpersonal allusionsand somethingdecentaction, World Trigger is undoubtedly one of the bestScience fictionlively out there! If you're planning to watch World Trigger and you're worried about fillers, we've got you covered!

Today, we will be talking about the World Activation Filler List andguideyou correctly about how many episodes you can skip that noaffectthe plot anyway. So let's get down to business!

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World Trigger Completion List

EP numberEP title.Type.
1"A Visitor from a Strange World"Canon
2"Neighbors and Trion Warriors"Canon
3"Osamu Mikumo's Talent" Canon
4"Clase A # 5: Ai Kitora da Unidade Arashiyama"Canon
5"Talentosa de élite: Yuichi Jin"Canon
6"Chika Amatori Side Effect"Canon
7"Miwa Unit Attack"Canon
8"Black Trigger"Canon
9"The Organization Known as Frontier"Canon
10"Ramo Tamakoma"Canon
11"Everyone's Determination"Canon
12"Tamakoma Class A Members"Canon
13"Senior Border Teams"Canon
14"Atacante No. 1: Kei Tachikawa"Canon
15"Black Trigger: Fujin"Canon
sixteen"A Future in Progress"Canon
17"Border Officer Enlistment"Canon
18"Osamu Mikumo vs. Soya Kazama"Canon
19"¡Batalla de rango! El plan de Shun Midorikawa"Canon
20"¡Choque! Yuma contra Midorikawa"Canon
21"Neighbor World"Canon
22"Full-Scale Invasion Begins"Canon
23"Aftokrator God's Country"Canon
24"Meeden's Little Birds"Canon
25"The Most Powerful Squad on the Frontier"Canon
26"Fierce Fight! Enedora vs. Kazama Squad"Canon
27"Frontier on the Counterattack"Canon
28"The Organon User"Canon
29"A Crossroads of Fate"Canon
30"Enemy General Hairein"Canon
32"Enedra implacable"Canon
33"Terror de Hairein"Canon
34"Fierce Combat! The Battle of the Best"Canon
35"The End of the Battle"Canon
36"What You Don't Have"Canon
37"Hero and Partner"Canon
38"B-Rank Wars Begin"Canon
39"Thieves Squad and Arafune Squad"Canon
40"Start Up! Mikumo Unit"Canon
41"The Hot Rookie"Canon
42"Ko Murakami de Suzunari Primeiro"Canon
43"Nasu Unit Choice"Canon
44"A Battle in Bad Weather"Canon
45"What Decides the Battle"Canon
46"Ace's Willpower"Canon
47"Captain's Pride"Canon
48"And Into Tomorrow"Canon
49"Fugitives from Another World"stuffed
50"Invisible Thieves"stuffed
51"Xeno's Trion Warriors"stuffed
52"Meeden's Sunset"stuffed
53"The One Who Will Be Saved"stuffed
54"Giev Push"stuffed
55"Alive or dead"stuffed
56"The Mystery of Lilith"stuffed
57"Xeno y Lilith"stuffed
58"Osamu Captured"stuffed
59"Two Black Triggers"stuffed
60"Yōtarō Adventure"stuffed
61"Truths and lies"stuffed
62"Gieve and Charon"stuffed
63"An Inverted Future"stuffed
64"O Prisoner of Aftokrator"Canon
Sixty-five"No. 1 Puncher: Masataka Ninomiya"Canon
66"Sharp teeth"Canon
67"The Battle of the Top B-Rank Teams"Canon
68"Alvo Tamakoma"Canon
69"Real battle"Canon
70"Captain's Duty"Canon
71"A New Threat"Canon
72"The Evolution of the Mikumo Unit"Canon
73"For the future"Canon
74"The attack"Canon
78"New Technique"Canon
79 "Strong Willed"Canon
83"The Upper Steps"Canon
84"The strong ones"Canon
85"New Face"Canon
86"New beginning"Canon
89"Secret Blueprint"Canon

About World Trigger

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (2)

The story begins when a strange door opens on Earth. The door is from another world and opens in the city of Mikado. Manystrangecreatures known as"neighbors"Invade the city after exiting the gate. Now, there is an organization called the Border Defense Agency that was created to fight the neighbors. They use special weapons known as"Triggers".

Many years have passed since the gate was opened in the city of Mikado. The neighbors continue to terrorize the civilians after so many years. Osamu Mikumo is one such member-in-training of theOrganizationthat he cannot use his Trigger outside of HQ. But one day, a group of bullies harass a new student in their class. All of them are in a forbidden zone and that is where they are attacked by the Neighbors.

Osamu has no choice but to use his Trigger. However, it is revealed that the new student, Yuuma Kuga, is actually ahumanoidneighbor indisguise.

World Trigger Filler Episodes

Runaway Bow”is an arc in the first season of World Trigger. The entire arc is basically filled with filler episodes. So you can skip the entire arch if you want. will not affect themain entanglementeither way.

Episode 49 (Fugitives from another world)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (3)

In this episode, onedoor activityis happening and there is a notice that the doors have been opened in the forbidden area. Civilians must leave the area immediately. suddenly unknowntrion soldiersThey fall from the sky at the Border Headquarters. Sawamura mentions that he was nowhere on the reference list. Jin and Tachikawa start fighting them.

The other students along with Osamu go toshizuka cityfor training. There, they are attacked by somemysteriouschico.

(Video) Myofascial Pain and Trigger Point Injections for Beginners

Episode 50 (Invisible Thieves)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (4)

In this episode, Osamu and Chaika are negotiating withxenosince Chika is in his possession. That's when everyone gets attacked by some mysteriousunknown assailant.

Episode 51 (Xeno's Trion Soldiers)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (5)

we see osamuluchawith Xeno's Trion Soldiers to say he has it.

Episode 52 (Miden's Sunset)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (6)

In this episode we seelilithfeeling a little down. Osamu needs Usami's help to cheer Lilith up because Chika made aorderto Osamu about it.

Episode 53 (We must be protected)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (7)

Miwa, Yoneya and Kodera sonlaboron their school work when they are trapped in Tamag Tower fortrion soldiers.

(Video) How To Trigger Ninjago Fans...

Episode 54 (The Giev Offensive)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (8)

In this episode, Xion andosamuthey are arguing among themselves about Xeno's method. Meanwhile, Charon and Giev go toShizukaciudad.

Episode 55 (Dead or Alive)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (9)

Usually oneprivate trion, approaches the city of Shizuka. Arafune and Murakami arrive there with the Arashiyama Unit as backup. Xeno is also helping to save the civilians.

Episode 56 (The Mystery of Lilith)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (10)

In this episode, Osamu and others take Xeno and Lilith to theShizuka's sea world.They are attacked by Giev's Trion soldiers there. At this point, Lilith reveals what she really is.

Episodio 57 (Xeno y Lilith)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (11)

This episode introduces us to a young Xeno who is working on aprototypewhen two kids come up to you and ask if you're done for the day so they cancontendertogether. One of the boys comments that Xeno has no interest in humans and all of this is nonsense. Xeno is furious and tells the boys to shut up.

The boys say that he is by far the brightest student of all the research students. Xeno suggests that the boys refer to him as "Xeno-sama".

We also show Target Practice, where Xeno is able to hit the target with a single shot. All the other students are struggling to hit the mark. That's when one of the students starts attacking Xeno,commentingwhat is alonenaturalfor someone to be so good at hitting the mark when they don't really care about humans. He challenges Xeno to a cockfight between his Trion's soldiers. However, Xenorejectionand tells him that he doesn't want to destroy the boy's Trion Soldier.

Xeno is in the cafeteria when he overhears two students talking about how Dr. Lamia created a new type of Trion Soldier. At night, Xeno goes to abuildingWhere does Lilith live? Finding Xeno, Lilith questions her identity. Lilith asks Xeno if he is human, to which he replies that he is. When he heard that the guards were coming, he told Lilith that he would return tomorrow night.

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Episode 58 (Osamu Captured)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (12)

In this episode, Osamu wasplaced onand Yuma, Xeno and Chika decide to go to the place to help him. Yuma is fought off by Gieve and Charon when he gets separated from the others.

Episode 59 (Two Black Shooters)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (13)

Yotaro is separated by others when they go afterKonami. How is helost, Yotaro arrives and heads to Nanao City, where he meets Kokoa Takeda.

Episode 60 (A Yotaro Adventure)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (14)

Yotaro is separated by the others as they chase after Konami. Lost, Yotaro reaches the city of Nanao, where he isKokoa Takeda.

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Episode 61 (Truth and Lies)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (15)

In this episode, Osamu and others are planning their next move. Giev'sdespairgrow. He is unable to control himself and attacks.Border training camp.

Episode 62 (Giev and Charon)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (16)

Giev decides to follow Charon's plan and transforms. so heattacksthe Mikumo Unit andprimer tamakoma. The people of Shizuka City are being rescued by Kodera, Yoneya, and Izumi.

Episode 63 (An Inverted Future)

FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (17)

Giev successfully absorbs Lilith into his body. Charon attempts to make Giev self-destruct her body after hacking into her mind. Meanwhile, Xeno feelshelplessand asks the Mikumo Unit to bring Lilith back.


FULL List of Trigger Fillers Worldwide (OFFICIAL) (18)

So here we are with himcompletion listof the World Trigger. I hope this list has helped you with the episodes you can skip withoutruiningthe main plot. We will definitely be back with more filler lists. See you!


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