How to Play Scoot: Introduction to Task Cards - Teaching with Mountain Views (2023)

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Have you ever played Scoot with your students? It's one of the most highly recommended ways to incorporate task cards into your classroom, which is why one of the most common questions I get is, "How do you play Scoot?" I've been playing Scoot in my classroom for years, so I've compiled all the basics of Scoot into one post, PLUS I've included a free set of exciting How to Play Scoot assignment cards.

If you feel overwhelmed with all the steps to play Scoot, don't worry!Scoot is such an easy game to implement, and kids love the chance to get up and move. However, it can also be one of the most annoying and frustrating games to play if you don't set the stage in advance, which is why I've been so thorough in my description below. Okay, let's learn to SCOOT!

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Quick Scoot Disclaimer:Not all chore cards are suitable for playing Scoot, and I'll be the first to admit that it's not the most fantastic way to tell the difference (although it is possible), since all kids usually end up doing all the cards. However, it is a great way to see where a student stands on a given subject. You want to choose a set of task cards with cards that ALL students can complete in about the same amount of time, and usually in a minute or less, unless you have more time available. I recommend most of my quarter page task cards as myReading Skills Homework Card PackoMath Skills Task Card Packinstead of half-page task cards that often take much longer to read, digest, and respond to.

I know there are many variations of Scoot now, but this is how we've played it for over 10 years...

Starting to play Scoot with task cards

What you need to play Scoot:

  • Aset of numbered task cards(One forat leastall the students in your class) that lend themselves well to fast gameplay
  • Asign-in sheet for each student.
    • Most assignment card sets come with a sign-up sheet, but I always printed out a bunch of generic sign-up sheets to keep on hand. You can get them for free.HERE. Your record sheet needs space for at least each card. It's okay if there are more points.
  • Achronograph(optional, but I like to use a timer to make transitions faster)
How to Play Scoot: Introduction to Task Cards - Teaching with Mountain Views (2)

Scooter configuration:

  • Place a homework card on each student's desk., placing them in numerical order. Make it easy for students to navigate through the cards by placing them in the best possible order.
  • Give each student arecord sheet and a pencilwho will move with them from seat to seat.

Playing scooter:

  • Begin by having each student fill out the card at their desk. They will write your whiteon your record sheet that corresponds to the number on the task card. (See management tips below for more information)
  • After about a minute (I use a timer), the teacher says "Scoot" (or gives another signal) and the students quickly get up,leave the card on your desk, take the record sheet with them and go to the next seat with the next number and start solving the problemright now.
  • The game continues until all the cards have been completed or until time runs out*!

* It is not uncommon for it to only reach half of Scoot. That's totally fine!

Management tips for playing Scoot

I know Scoot's premise sounds crazy: 30 kids getting up and moving from chair to chair every minute.

When I first heard it, I thought it was a NUTS-O idea and not at all interested in the chaos it was bound to unleash. Are you kidding? Having my kids go through 5 core transitions every day is stress enough. So when I decided to do this, I knew I had to lay down some ground rules for playing the game, which helped me tremendously.

  • Identify a sign:Most teachers only say "Scoot" when they want students to move, but some use a buzzer or bell. Regardless, make sure it's a signal everyone can hear, and make sure they understand that once they hear the signal, it's time to dance, even if they're not done yet. Some won't be, and that's okay. Just be sure to tell them this ahead of time so students don't stress over some unfinished cards.
  • First runners-up:Have a plan for the first to finish. If it's math, I usually ask them to do an activity on the back of the page when they're done (write the first 100 prime numbers, create and solve multiplication problems on the back, etc.) Same procedure for language arts (divide the last page and think of as many nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. as you can). Whatever you do, have a plan so students aren't left sitting and waiting with too much downtime. Likewise, if you think you have a student who won't be able to finish in the allotted time, make a plan for that as well.
  • Scoot is silent:QUIET, QUIET, QUIET. SILENCE or game over, in my room. I KNOW it sounds harsh, but if I let 30 kids talk and make noise while they run, it's going to be hard to get them to sit down and start right away. Kids are highly motivated by a good game of Scoot, so it's not hard to enforce this rule.
  • Do you take your pencil with you or do you leave it there?:Be sure to make a decision as a class ahead of time…is it easier to leave your pencil on the seat and be responsible for carrying your sign-in sheet at all times, or do you prefer to carry your pencil with you when? you go? I often have students take their pencils with them.
  • Find the first and last card in advance:Have the student with card no. #1 clearly identify their seat ahead of time (I often ask them to stand up and yell "I'm number 1!") so that when they get to the last card they know where to find the #1 card. ° 1 card 1
  • Make sure they understand where their answers are going:Remember that only one student will start in chair number one, so only one student will write their first answer in box number one. There is nothing worse than doing ten rounds of Scoot and having a student realize that they started writing their answers in box #1 when they started in chair #21. The first few times we played Scoot, EVERYONE students tell me: “I have the card”. #3 and I need to put my first answer in box #3”. It takes about 3 minutes to do this before playing, but it's worth it!

Is that! I know it seems a bit overwhelming when I list everything like this.

Free Scoot Chore Cards

Never fear! I created a FREE set ofScoot's Chore Cardsfor you to use during the first days of school. It's a great way to teach students HOW and NOT to play Scoot (plus it's really, really fun). I created the set with all the things that could go wrong in my mind. Students have to get up and talk, tap pencils, hum songs... all the things they SHOULD NOT do (we all know the power of a non-example, and this Scoot sample set is full of it). They are also told explicitly where to write their answers on almost every card so they get used to starting at a point other than number 1. The tasks on the cards are simple tasks so they can focus more on the Scoot procedure than the content. , which will come in future Scoot games.

How to Play Scoot: Introduction to Task Cards - Teaching with Mountain Views (3)

One summer before school, I tried these out with my husband, stepdaughter, and a bunch of kids from the neighborhood, and they were so much fun. From then on they became a staple in myLesson plans for the first week of school.!

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back to school scooter

After playing Soaring Through School, we do Back to School Scoot to see how much they remember Scoot's routines. Back to school chore cards also make a cute “meet you” bulletin board or sharing opportunity! Candownload the get to know each other task cards herefor the first days of school!

How to Play Scoot: Introduction to Task Cards - Teaching with Mountain Views (4)

Remember:Scoot is just ONE way to use homework cards in the classroom. There are literally dozens of different ways to use them, but this is just one. :)

If you have any questions, tips, or other suggestions for playing Scoot, I'd love to hear them!

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How do you play the Scoot game? ›

Overview of the game

The teacher / mentor places question cards on desks or around the room. Learners move from one card to another answering the questions on the cards after a certain amount of time and they all move in the same direction. Using 10 cards is good for smaller groups and when you are short of time.

How do you play task cards in the classroom? ›

10 Ways to Use Task Cards
  1. Extension. This is a no-brainer. ...
  2. Speed dating. ...
  3. Scoot. ...
  4. Stations. ...
  5. SMALL GROUPS. ...
  6. Warm Up + Bell Ringers. ...
  7. Four corners for Multiple choice task cards. ...
Oct 17, 2020

How does scoot work in the classroom? ›

Playing Scoot:

After about a minute (I use a timer), the teacher says “Scoot” (or uses another signal) and the students quickly stand up, leave the card at their desk, take their recording sheet with them, and scoot over to the next seat with the next number and get started on the problem right away.

How do teachers use task cards? ›

Task cards ask students to focus on one problem, or task, at a time. This one-task-per-card format prevents students from feeling overwhelmed. Task cards also deliver a sense of accomplishment as each card is completed. Teachers love task cards for many reasons.

What are Scoot activities? ›

Scoot! is a whole-class educational game that your students will love. Place a question card on each desk in your classroom. To play, students move around the room, from desk to desk, answering questions or solving math problems.

What is scoot education game? ›

Scoot is a fun classroom game where students move from desk to desk answering questions that are pasted on to each table and filling in an answer sheet as they go. For a more rowdy version of this game, you can take the cards outside and place them around a small section of the playground.

How can I make learning flashcards fun? ›

Here are our top tips for having fun with flashcards.
  1. Print out a set of flashcards.
  2. If your child can read words in English, cut the cards in half and place them face down on the table.
  3. Play the memory game.
  4. Take it in turns to turn over two cards and try to match a picture to the word.

How do you use flashcards in a lesson plan? ›

Use them to elicit, practice, or review vocabulary or grammar structures. Use them as a warm-up, filler, or review for a related lesson. You can even use them as a vocabulary or grammar lesson unto themselves.

Does Scoot allow food on board? ›

Consumption of outside food and beverages is not allowed on board. Scoot reserves the right to change the menu without notice. If the meal you pre-ordered is not available, you will be served a delicious alternative. Meals are subject to availability on certain routes.

Does Scoot have entertainment system? ›


Does Scoot provide inflight entertainment system onboard? Scoot does not have inflight entertainment system on board our aircraft.

What is the description of task cards? ›

A task card is exactly what it sounds like: a card with a task on it. Task cards come in sets so that you can target a specific skill, standard, or subject area. One way to think of task cards is as an alternative to worksheets. Student rarely get excited about worksheets, but they love task cards!

How do teachers go through with Task Analysis? ›

Task Analysis means analysing the sequential micro steps needed to complete an objective and breaking the objective down into those tiny steps. The student then gets taught the steps one by one until they have achieved the entire objective.

What are task cards in ELA? ›

Task cards are exactly what they sound like–cards that each contain a task or question on them. A task card for English might say something like “Describe the protagonist of To Kill a Mockingbird” or “Write a sentence using a semicolon correctly.”

What is the game called Scoot? ›

Scoot is a physics based scooter game made for all the scooter riders out there! Perform tricks, airs, flips, and make parks to share with your friends! The goal of Scoot is to give scooter riders around the world what they've always been wanting ever since the SKATE franchise.

How many Scoot are there? ›

Scoot Fleet Details and History
Started Operations4 Jun 2012
Group / Part ofSingapore Airlines
HeadquartersSingapore Changi (SIN / WSSS)
Fleet Size59 Aircraft (+ 2 On Order/Planned)
7 more rows

Does Scoot provide blankets? ›

Singapore Airlines passengers flying on Scoot's Economy Class (in a combined itinerary) will enjoy: enhanced FlyBagEat privileges (which include a meal, drink and baggage allowance*), a complimentary blanket^, through-check of baggage across flights, and re-accommodation in the event of a flight disruption.

What are the five educational games? ›

5 Active Educational Games for Kids
  • Sylla-balls. ...
  • Letter Sound/Sight Word Road. ...
  • Letter Sound Hopscotch. ...
  • Sight Word/Letter Stomp. ...
  • Numbers Bowling.
Apr 16, 2015

Is Scoot honest game? ›

Have kids who struggle with honesty? This scoot game includes 30 prompts to help students learn the difference between honest and dishonest behaviors. A fun, active way to help give kids a clear idea of how they can practice honesty at school and at home.

Does Scoot have an app? ›

Here to make your life in 2023 more convenient, we have reinstated the Copy & Paste feature! You can now do so for your booking and personal details information throughout the app.

What is the fastest way to memorize flashcards? ›

How to Memorize Flashcards Effectively: 10 Proven Tips
  1. Step One: Identify The Main Points And Subpoints. ...
  2. Step Two: Use The Right Sized Flashcards. ...
  3. Step Three: Use Multiple Colors. ...
  4. Step Four: Integrate Words And Drawings. ...
  5. Step Five: Create Puzzles For Your Brain To Solve.
Jan 19, 2022

How do you make flashcards less boring? ›

Forget Those Boring Flashcards and Learn These New Study Skills
  1. Incorporate Movement. Incorporating movement can help a student remember the order or function of a new term or idea. ...
  2. Image-Name Associations. ...
  3. Acronym Mnemonics. ...
  4. Acrostic Mnemonics. ...
  5. Write It Down By Hand. ...
  6. Review Before Going to Sleep. ...
  7. Teach Someone Else.
Oct 5, 2020

What activities can you do with flashcards? ›

15 Creative Ways To Use Flashcards (That Actually Work)
  • Flashcard Snap. A fun and inventive way to use your flashcards is to play snap with them. ...
  • Flashcard Bingo. ...
  • Match The Flashcard. ...
  • Flashcard Charades. ...
  • Flashcard Pictionary. ...
  • Use Your Flashcards Online. ...
  • Use Other People's Flashcards. ...
  • Use Flashcards Silently, Alone.
Feb 13, 2019

What are the disadvantages of using flashcards in teaching? ›

The Disadvantages of Flashcard Beside of the advantages of flashcard, flashcard also have some disadvantages, like Asnawir and Usman in Inayah (2010: 24), are flashcard is expensive and if the teachers want to make it by themselves, they need much time, flashcard is not big enough usually, the students sit in front can ...

How do you layout flashcards? ›

The most effective flashcards include one question followed by one answer (or one term followed by one definition). Don't force your brain to remember a complex and wordy answer. It's easier for your brain to process simpler information so split up your longer questions into smaller, simpler ones.

How do you start a playing card? ›

In one fast, smooth motion, swing your arm forward from your shoulder and step into throw like throwing a baseball to get the most power and accuracy out of the card. At the end of that motion, unroll your wrist, spreading your middle and ring finger slightly to release the card.

What are the things needed to play the game? ›

In every sport, at least some type of equipment is required to play the game. Each sport has its own unique set of game equipment, but the types of equipment used can be separated into a few categories.
Game Equipment
  • Balls.
  • Bases.
  • Bats and Sticks.
  • Goals and Posts.
  • Racquets.
  • Nets.

Is water free on Scoot? ›

Yes, there is a snooze kit available but it will cost you SGD 18 (AUD 18.88). Water is also only available to be purchased. Again, as long as you know these things before boarding you will not be disappointed. Hot tip – bring your own refillable water bottle as Scoot Airlines provides a water station before you board.

How many bags can I bring on Scoot? ›

ScootPlus. Limited to 2 pieces of cabin baggage with combined weight not exceeding 15kg. Regardless of class, you are only allowed one piece of the cabin bag which must not exceed dimensions of 54cm x 38cm x 23cm (total linear dimensions cannot exceed 115cm).

Does Scoot have phone chargers? ›

Are there in-seat power to charge my devices? In-Seat power are only available on board Scoot Boeing 787 aircrafts and ScootPlus passengers can enjoy complimentary power outlet access. Economy passengers will need to pay a small fee to access the power outlet.

How much does Scoot cost? ›

How Much Does Scoot Cost? Signing up for Scoot is free. After that, the price of Scoot depends on whether you're riding a kick scooter or moped. For kick scooters, the pricing is $1 to unlock and $0.15 per minute after that (the same pricing that all other electric scooter companies use).

How do you promote a Scoot? ›

Another trick is placing a mirror on the floor in front of your baby. As babies see their reflection in the mirror, this can motivate them to scoot, and then gradually crawl, to the object. They'll probably try some creative ways to get to the toy, like rolling and stretching.

Which country is Scoot from? ›

Scoot Pte Ltd, operating as Scoot, is a Singaporean low-cost airline and a wholly owned subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. It began its operations on 4 June 2012 on medium and long-haul routes from Singapore, predominantly to various airports throughout the Asia-Pacific.

How do I watch movies on Scoot? ›

You'll need a free plugin for your laptop or Android tablet, which Scoot makes available onboard over its wifi network, but iPad users need to download the free Gogo Video Plugin app before they board the flight.

Does Scoot have reclining seats? ›

Our Super and Stretch seats come with more legroom and adjustable headrests. All our seats recline as well! Find out more about about our Economy class seat options here.

Does Scoot serve alcohol? ›

Food and beverages including hot meal combos, snacks, hot drinks, soft drinks and alcohol can be ordered.

What are the four types of task? ›

The four types are as follows – Finish to Start, Finish to Finish, Start to Start, and Start to Finish.

What is a good task description? ›

From our experience, a good task description has: all the details about what exactly needs to be done. a task price that covers the whole cost of completing a task. extra information like photos, measurements, model numbers, if you'll supply materials or not etc.

What is the task pattern? ›

Task Patterns are designed as means of activity-centric sharing of knowledge work experience. They are seamlessly integrated in a semantic infrastructure that help preserve the work context and enables a Task Pattern life-cycle.

What are the 5 steps of task analysis? ›

You can perform task analysis with the following five steps:
  • Identify goals. One of the first steps in task analysis is identifying the goals of the observation. ...
  • Divide the task down into subtasks. ...
  • Decide on an analysis type. ...
  • Analyze. ...
  • Share results with the team.
Nov 30, 2021

What are the 4 parts of a task analysis? ›

  • Identifying the Target Skill. ...
  • Identifying the Prerequisite Skills of the Learner and the Materials Needed.
  • Breaking the Skill into Components.
  • Confirming that the Task is Completely Analyzed. ...
  • Determining How the Skill Will be Taught. ...
  • Implementing Intervention and Monitoring Progress.

What are the three basic elements of task analysis? ›

A successful task analysis approach will examine an activity at the planning stage and take all three elements (safety, productivity, quality) into account to arrive at a well-balanced method for completing the work.

What are the main types of tasks in task-based learning? ›

What Types of Tasks Do We See in Task-based Teaching? In his book “Second Language Pedagogy,” N. S. Prabhu cites three basic types of tasks: Information gap, reasoning gap and opinion gap.

What are task activities? ›

A task is a specific unit of work on a work order. An activity is a type of work order. A task can be created as part of an activity or part of another work order.

What is task teaching method? ›

During task-based learning, students solve tasks that are relevant and interesting to them. In order to solve the task, they need to use the target language they're learning to communicate with their peers. They use authentic language instead of answering grammar or vocabulary questions about the language.

Can you pay with cash on Scoot? ›

What are the accepted payment options on-board? We accept cash and credit card (Visa and Mastercard) payments. Please check with cabin crew for accepted currencies. All change will be returned in Singapore dollars.

How do you play place value scoot? ›

How to Play: Students will move from desk to desk around the classroom. At each desk, students will read the place value card and write the answer on the grid worksheet. When the teacher says “SCOOT,” they move to the next desk.

Do you get entertainment on Scoot? ›


Does Scoot provide inflight entertainment system onboard? Scoot does not have inflight entertainment system on board our aircraft.

Can I bring snacks on Scoot? ›

Consumption of outside food and beverages is not allowed on board. Scoot reserves the right to change the menu without notice. If the meal you pre-ordered is not available, you will be served a delicious alternative.

What is place value for beginners? ›

Place value can be defined as the value represented by a digit in a number on the basis of its position in the number. For example, the place value of 7 in 3,743 is 7 hundred or 700. However, the place value of 7 in 7,432 is 7 thousand or 7,000.

Is Scoot low cost? ›

Scoot was recently awarded 'World's Best Long Haul Low-Cost Airline' by Skytrax consecutively in 2021 and 2022, adding to our years of being voted Best Low Cost Airline (Asia/Pacific) by (2015-2018)and ranking within the Top 10 of the World's Best Low-Cost Airlines in 2015, 2018 and 2021 by Skytrax.

Is Scoot free seating? ›


Do I get to enjoy complimentary seat selection when flying with Scoot? PPS Club, KrisFlyer Elite Gold & Silver members will get to enjoy complimentary standard seat when flying with Scoot. The standard seat will be automatically pre-assigned after the booking is confirmed.

Can Scoot seats recline? ›

Our Super and Stretch seats come with more legroom and adjustable headrests. All our seats recline as well! Find out more about about our Economy class seat options here.


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