How to reverse colors in Photoshop |All you need to know (2023)

Find a way to change your photos?Would you like to make something creative with an old photo?You may have a design project that has some colors.Manipulate colors, but one of the easiest is to reverse it.The applicants can be performed at Photoshop or other graphic editing software.It's easy enough, but first you need to know!Read to everything you can read about inverted colors need to know in Photoshop.

What are inverter colors?


  • 1 What are inverter colors?
  • 2 How to reverse the colors in Photoshop
  • 3 But what if I don't have a photoshop?
  • 4 How do you become the colors of several photos at the same time?
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    • 6.8 Can you reverse the colors of a certain color channel in Photoshop?

Inverted colors occupy an image that was colored in a certain way and, instead of coloring the image with these colors, they return the colors to their original condition.To reverse, simply select the RGB color image and choose the same color as previously used.It doesn't matter if the color was white, black or other colors.Then click on the color symbol in the window up at the Photoshop interface.

A suspended menu is opened with several options.Select the "New Clip" option and click "OK".A new folder opens on your Photoshop -Desktop.On the left side of the folder, there is a new window with a box with a left section box and a right section.

How to reverse the colors in Photoshop

ForReturn Non PhotoshopYou have to follow some steps.These are:

Open a photo in Photoshop: Make sure the photo is suitable for the colorful version.The difference makes it clearer if the image is dark or bright.

How to reverse colors in Photoshop |All you need to know (1)

It is important to note that the inversion replaces all colors with its reversal: the brightness of each pixel is reversed.Saving as the inverted photo.If you are not sure, try it!

Open the layer of layers:If you can't see the field in layers, select "Layers" from the "Layers" window menu.Remember that you create a colorful level in the original image and do not change the colors.

How to reverse colors in Photoshop |All you need to know (2)

  • Select an area of the image to rotate the colors (Marquise, Bow and Wand).Inverted colors on the image are not necessary.
  • Reverses a complex composition by adding a new level over the layer pile.Now you can gather your compound holdingChanging + ctrl + and.

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Reverses the image:In the layer layer distribution board, click the "Create a new fill or adjustment level" button.

If you choose before the setting is performed, a layer mask will be generated.The program reverses colors in the selected area.

Assign the opposite layer in the necessary area: Move the reversal layer up or down to the level pile.The influence of inversion on your file depends on where it is on the simple pile.

Change the reverse layer around:Alternate the inverted configuration layer mask to disable the mask and apply the configuration to the entire file.Invert -Lixeira.

Reversing the image together and does not reverse:Then choose a new instantaneous.Keep all images in a new guide.That way you can handle both images.

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But what if I don't have a photoshop?

So far, I've explained what happens if you make a symbol "i" for a photo, but how about you don't have a photoshop?The concept of inverters is quite easy. However, if you can't get Photoshop, read the tutorials: You can't reverse the colors in Photoshop only after settings?Safe, but the same applies.

And if you have a photo that is converted correctly to the print, but still want the colors to be knocked down?No problem!Some of the conversion tools cannot convert RGB colors to CMYK colors so that they are not reversed, but you can rotate the colors manually.

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How do you deliver the colors of various photos at the same time?

With the Photoshop action tool, the color version can be applied to many photos at the same time.With a few clicks, you can reverse the colors of all your photos and don't have to do it for everyone.
Here you will find out how to create a Photoshop campaign that transforms the colors of an image:

1. Create a new folder called original photos in your desktop.

2. Move all photos to this folder that wants to change the colors.

3. In your desktop, make a new folder called Inverted Photos.If you use Photoshop to reverse the colors of your photos, save them here.

4. Open Photoshop to open an image.

5. If the field of action is not visible, go to the window> Actions to activate it.

6. To add a new campaign, click actions in the Weteren Add (+) window.

How to reverse colors in Photoshop |All you need to know (3)

7. Give your action a relevant name, such as "inverted photo colors".Then press the data record button.

8. Select BILD> Settings> Reversal After Starting Action Recording.

How to reverse colors in Photoshop |All you need to know (4)

9. Select File> Save as if the colors had been reversed.

10. Select File> Save as if the colors had been reversed.

11. Do not fill the name with anything.Just select the inverted photo folder you have already created and click Save below.

12. In the window, click the stop symbol in the window to avoid recording your action.

13. Go to File> Automation> Lot in Photoshop to reverse the colors of your photos.

How to reverse colors in Photoshop |All you need to know (5)

14. Select your newly created campaign from the Suspended Action menu.

15. Select the folder from the source menu.

16. Select the original photo folder in your desktop from the menu in the folder menu.

17. Click OK to reverse the colors of all photos in the original photo folder.


Although the usefulness of inverting colors is recognizable, you can find that a learning curve by determining the statement is how it works.However, the basics is quite simple.Can achieve the desired result.This is particularly useful if you work with topics that are too dark or too bright to color them mainly.

You can use the palette's reverse colors to make the image back normal.Start with an old photo, we start with a simple technique that everyone can try.

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