Skyrim: Paladin Build Guide (2023)

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Thanks toFixedThe flexible character creation system makes it easier than ever to create interesting hybrid characters in a medieval fantasy RPG set in a rich and immersive open world. With players given the option to choose from a variety of abilities, roughly divided into three different specialty categories (Mage, Thief, and Warrior), the sky's the limit.

The paladin has become one of the niche builds in Skyrim, with an emphasis on RPGs. Vanilla Skyrim can be a bit tricky to create a paladin due to the lack of additional gameplay mechanics and features, but it's still possible if you're up for a good challenge. If you're a fan of the Paladin in other games and want to try it out in Skyrim, this guide will help you get started.

Updated November 3, 2022 by Quinton O'Connor:By now, many players have exhausted their options for Skyrim builds that make the game easier or more visually pleasing. Maybe it's time to invest a few hours in a build that's less about winning with the best gear in the game and more about the immersive RPG aspect. Paladins are great for that, but they don't have to be inferior to be true fighters. Here is the shovel.

Strategy and role playing.

Skyrim: Paladin Build Guide (1)

The paladin is not a difficult build. In fact, it builds on some of the best features in Skyrim.Paladins are usually one-handed fighters that are fairly resistant to damage.. you want to investheavy armor(as well as one-handed) to ensure your longevity in battle.

TThey are similar to magic swords in that paladins specialize in one or two schools of magic.C. At least they are specialists inRestoration. Most of their spells will deal with the undead, but they can also have powerful healing spells that will help them last longer in battle. When it comes to defensive abilities, players can choose between the twochange or lockDexterity for a little more sustain.

Skyrim: Paladin Build Guide (2)

When it comes to RPGs, paladins are the definition of virtue. They never associate with dark forces, evil factions, or attempt necromancy. For RPG reasons, you should avoid this.on the side of the daedric princes, except for Meridia, which is actually perfect for paladins.TThe best factions to join if you want to keep the lore-friendly sensibility are the Companions and the Dawnguard.

suggested races

Skyrim: Paladin Build Guide (3)

Two races in particular are good for a Paladin build. First,there is the imperial, who can use thevoice of the emperorto calm all creatures around you for 30 seconds. Imperials will also find more gold in loot, which can be helpful when creating your own gear, as it's an integral part of this particular Paladin build.

In second place,you can go north. The Nords can defeat enemies for 30 seconds once a day thanks to her.battle's screamAbility that works well with the Paladin build. You also get a massive 50 percent resistance to Frost, which is awesome. as the Paladin build focuses quite a bit on protection from physical damage rather than magic.

Given the nice bonus on the Nord, you may be wondering why we suggest the Imperial.It's just a matter of role-playing; As a concept, paladins are more at home in Cyrodiil than they are in Skyrim.But that doesn't mean you can't be a Paladin Nord. Stranger things have happened.

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If you prefer something else,You can theoretically turn an Orsimer into a Paladin. However, from a "standard" reel payout perspective, this is not the best option. The Orismers worship Malacath, a Daedric prince who fights against the ideals of a paladin.

However, their innate combat bonuses in Heavy Armor and One-Handed make them a great choice.Berserker-Wut, his unique ability, also deals double damage and takes half damage. Next to,There's fun role-playing potential in being the exception to the rule; An orc paladin would certainly attract attention.

With all our talk about RPGs, we realize that you probably aren't interested in that aspect. The reason we have emphasized it so much is that the Paladin build is not completely competitive with other builds, such as the Two-Handed and Stealth Archer builds. It's pretty safe to assume that a fair number of Paladin players are out for story glory.

Skills, Perks, and Attributes

Skyrim: Paladin Build Guide (4)


When it comes to attributes, remember that a paladin is a warrior first and a mage second. Stamina is not a high priority as heavy armor perks, once unlocked, will help you become lighter.

  • Maximum priority:Health: to increase your health pool and become stronger.
  • Second priority:Magicka – So you can cast more expensive restoration and alteration spells.
  • Third priority:Stamina – To ensure that you can attack easier and move faster despite your heavy armor.

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skills and benefits

Skyrim: Paladin Build Guide (5)

One-handed is your main damage type., point blank. Focus on perks that allow you to deal more damage or lower the cost of power attacks. Paladins will fight the enemy to the face, so you need the proper protection that only the Heavy Armor ability can provide.Restoration is an essential part of the paladin's equipment.. His build will focus on some healing spells and will make use of undead repelling spells.

Skyrim: Paladin Build Guide (6)

Blacksmithing is not only great for clearing levels as a paladin, but it also allows you to create powerful heavy armor sets.Avoid crafting Ebony and Daedric gear if considering roleplaying angles. For more help with forging,You can consult this complete guide.

HaveMagicalSkill leveling is also crucial, as it allows you to create teams that are best suited to your needs.

An optional defense ability allows you to choose between Alter and Block.Block allows you to hit enemies, dealing additional stun and damage. However, this means that you won't have your recovery spells equipped by default when you go into a fight. The change is good because it benefits from investing in your magic for your recovery spells. The downside is that it takes away magic that you could use to cast recovery spells.

If you've upgraded your copy of Skyrim to the Anniversary Edition, take a look at the additional armor sets that have been added through the Creation Club. There are more options than ever, so don't feel so limited if you decide to stick with "lighter" gear sets.

skill tree

recommended benefits

with one hand

  • gunslinger
  • fighting stance
  • swordsman
  • wild blow
  • critical load

heavy armor

  • gigante
  • well adjusted
  • Padded
  • fortress tower
  • conditioning


  • Regeneration
  • recreation
  • pardon
  • Necromancer
  • Recommended spells:Fast Heal, Close Wounds, Repel Minor Undead, Repel Minor Undead, Stendarr's Aura, Repel Undead, Vampire's Curse, Circle of Protection, Repel Undead, Repel Larger Undead, Curse of the Undead, Circle of guardians


  • All perks must be unlocked


  • All perks must be unlocked
  • Recommended enchantments:Fortify Heavy Armor, Fortify One Hand, Fortify Health, Fortify Restoration, Turn Undead

Block (optional defense ability)

  • shield wall
  • fast reflexes
  • deflect arrows
  • power stroke
  • elemental protection
  • block runners

Alteration (Optional Defense Ability)

  • Magic resistance
  • Atronach
  • Recommended spells:Oak meat, stone meat, iron meat, ebony meat, dragon skin


Recommended Single Team

Skyrim: Paladin Build Guide (7)

There aren't many great paladin armor sets that are exclusive to the game. Because of this, blacksmithing and enchanting are absolutely essential to building a paladin, as it's up to you to craft the best heavy armor.If you play role playing games,Avoid armor from questionable factions like the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood, and never equip Daedric items.

As for the unique swords in Skyrim, there are some parts that are friendly and useful. And remember that the anniversary edition may have added a few more things to your speed.

name of the team


Bolars Eidklinge

This aesthetic blade can be found in the Grotto of the Bloated Man. Deals 25 resistance damage and causes enemies below level 12 to flee for 30 seconds.

twilight breaker

The perfect weapon for a paladin and easy to have for this build. Complete Meridia's The Break of Dawn quest and clear her temple of the undead. Undead hit by the sword suffer a burst of fire that can spread to other undead enemies, making it great for dealing with a group of undead enemies. On other targets, burns them for 10 damage.


The path of a sword is also great for paladins, so Dragonbane, which can be obtained during the Alduin's Wall quest in Skyport Temple, is a good choice. It does more damage to dragons, around 20 to 40 points, and deals 10 shock damage to other enemies.

The curse of the red eagle

Found in Rebel's Cairn during the completion of The Legend of Red Eagle quest, Red Eagle's Bane specifically targets undead, dealing fire damage and causing them to flee for 30 seconds.

the pale blade

You can retrieve it from Ra'jir's body in the Frostmere Crypt once you've killed the Pale Lady. Deals 25 Frost damage and causes enemies below level 16 to flee for 30 seconds.

The fingers of the master smith

A random quest from any Orc Stronghold will have you hunting these gauntlets, giving you a 12 percent boost when upgrading armor or weapons. Ideal for paladins who rely on blacksmithing.


Paladins despise all undead and diseased, sothe dragon priest HevnoraakThe mask is ideal in terms of role play and lore. Gives you immunity to poisons.

Amuleto de Arkay

A good paladin always carries a memento of the Divine Nine, and since Arkay is a good pick, the amulet is perfect for a paladin build. Adds 10 health points.

The marriage covenant

Getting married gives you an awesome paladin item that reduces the cost of restoration spells by 10 percent. It also fits the Paladin build as far as lore.

silver blood family ring

Although the Silver-Bloods are evil, siding with them can be beneficial in obtaining this ring, which increases your forging ability by 15 percent.


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