The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (2023)

Given that Spain is made up of a long coastline and several islands, it's not surprising that seafood makes up a large part of Spanish cuisine.

There are countless different fish dishes and each region has its own way of preparing it.

Here are 10 of the best Spanish seafood dishes you must try:

  • Paella with seafood
  • snack
  • Bacalao al Pil Pil
  • Biscayne cod
  • Shrimps, Scampi
  • pasta
  • Suquet
  • Galician style octopus
  • Salted brassicas
  • Grilled shrimp

ThisPopular spanish dishesThey are full of flavor and worth trying just to travel to Spain.

However, if a trip around the world is not possible at the moment, you can always try to do it at home to taste Spanish cuisine.

1. Seafood paella

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (1)

A list of the best Spanish foods would be incomplete with paella.Paella with seafoodo Paella de Mariscos is not only very popular, it is also easier to prepare than you might think.

You can use any shellfish of your choice, including shrimp, clams, calamari, clams, and even firm-fleshed fish.

There are so many ways to make paella and every family has their own recipe.

The only thing that all great paellas have in common is socarrat, the crispy crust that forms at the bottom of the pan and is the hallmark of a good paella.

To get that crust you have to remember not to mix the rice.

If you want to make paella at home, I recommend using itThe Rice Pump Bell.

The wonderful thing about this rice is that it stays firm even though it absorbs about 30% more liquid than other types of rice.

Paella was traditionally cooked over an open fire, giving it its wonderfully smoky flavor.

Today, paella is prepared on a gas stove, grill, or portable gas burner, and home cooks use smoked paprika for that smoky flavor.

2. Jam

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (2)

snacktranslated means "from the pot" and is a fish stew or fish soup, usually prepared with tuna.

(Video) Classic Spanish Seafood Stew | A Timeless Recipe from Barcelona Spain

was initiallyprepared by fishermenwho were looking for a hearty and nutritious meal.

They used part of the fish they caught, which is why tuna was a popular choice.

However, you can also make it using salmon as a substitute.

Other ingredients added to the dish are onions, tomatoes, peppers and potatoes and the dish is completed by seasoning with garlic, peppers, parsley and chili.

Marmitako has a fairly thick texture and is very filling, which is why it is eaten on its own as a main dish.

But it can also be served with a simple salad or bread.

3. Bacalao Al Pil Pil

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (3)

codor cod is the main ingredient in this succulent dish.

The fish is fried in olive oil and then seasoned with garlic, chili peppers and salt.

What are you doingBacalao al Pil PilThe sauce is unique: olive oil and the natural oils of the fish come together and emulsify into a sauce.

It's hard to believe that just a few simple ingredients add up to a great taste!

4. Biscayne Cod

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (4)

Biscayne codis another popular fish dish made with cod.

Although it has its roots in northern Spain, it is enjoyed across the country.

This dish is a type of fish stew that gets its hearty flavor from vizcaína, a sauce made with tomatoes and peppers.

The dish also includes onions and potatoes and is seasoned with paprika, cumin and oregano.

5. Garlic Shrimp

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (5)

Shrimps, Scampior garlic with shrimp is aTapas popular.

(Video) Authentic Spanish Seafood Paella Recipe - Colab With Best Bites Forever

The dish consists of sautéing prawns in olive oil with garlic, lemon juice and paprika.

Some recipes also include sherry and the finished dish is garnished with parsley.

This dish is often enjoyed with fresh bread as a side and you will find it in most Spanish tapas bars.

6. Noodles

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (6)

pastaIt is a fish dish very similar to paella.

However, instead of rice, it is prepared with fideo, a type of noodle or pasta that is short and often hollow.

Like the paella, you can prepare it with your choice of seafood.

There are a ton of different versions and each family has their own recipe, but popular options include shrimp, fish and shellfish.

Like paella, fideuá is cooked in a shallow pan rather than mixed into a crust.

It is flavored with saffron and lemon and garnished with parsley.

7. Suquet

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (7)

SuquetIt's either a fish stew or a soup depending on how much liquid you use.

Originally from the Catalan region, it is now enjoyed throughout Spain.

You can make it with your choice of shellfish, but popular options include fish and shellfish.

Other ingredients you will need for this dish are almonds, saffron, garlic, parsley and tomatoes.

8. Galician octopus

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (8)

Galician style octopuso Pulpo a Feira is a squid dish prepared in a copper cauldron and it is believed that the copper vessel gives this dish its characteristic flavor.

The squid is boiled and usually served on a wooden board with potatoes.

(Video) The Perfect Seafood Dish for any Under 10 Minutes | Gordon Ramsay

It is seasoned with olive oil, sweet paprika, and coarse salt, and can also be flavored with garlic.

This delicious dish is best paired with a glass of your favorite Rioja red wine.

9. Dorada nach La Sal

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (9)

golden salttranslated means sea bream, which is a very popular fish in Spain.

The best way to cook it while preserving its juice and flavor is to bake it in a salt crust.

This method is very popular in Spain and is a super easy way to cook this fish.

All you have to do is cover the entire fish in coarse salt and bake in the oven.

10. Grilled shrimp

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (10)

Grilled shrimpIt's essentially grilled shrimp.

Prawns are very popular in Spain and this tapa is no exception.

It has few ingredients but is packed with flavor.

To prepare the dish, it is enough to quickly seal the whole shrimp over high heat and season with salt.

The shrimp can be served with lemon or lime and enjoyed with a glass of wine or beer.

Final thoughts on Spanish seafood dishes

The 10 best Spanish seafood dishes (11)

Spain's long coastline gives them the opportunity to source and serve an incredible variety of fish dishes.

While Spain is rightly known for its amazing meat asIberian ham, Lomo,Chorizoetc., their local seafood dishes are second to none.



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