The most immortal anime characters of all time (2023)

By Adam Ghelerter

Whether they're gods, ghosts, or just able to regenerate incredibly fast, these anime characters are absolutely impossible to kill.

The most immortal anime characters of all time (1)

encouragedit is full ofhard to kill characters; many iconic heroes are nearly impossible to kill. Naruto, All Might, incredibly strong; Goku, and many characters in thethe dragon ball universeThey are apparently invincible. No matter how strong these characters are,they are not immortal.They may die of disease, old age, or a serious enough injury. However, many characters in the anime world are either immortal or very close to it. This list is not about the strongest anime characters in battle, although that sometimes plays a role, but simply characters that do not seem to die or are almost impossible to kill. This list does not compare grades to each other. That's how immortal they are in their respective universes.

So without further ado, whether they're immortal because they're a god, ghosts, can regenerate incredibly fast, or can be resurrected, here are 20 of the most immortal anime characters of all time.

Warning: potential spoilers.



20 Manji - Sword of the Immortal

The most immortal anime characters of all time (2)

Sword of the ImmortalsManji had a curse on him, but not the typical evil witch curse; he was infected with Kessen-Chu, also known as Sacred Blood Worms, which made him immortal. An old nun who had these worms met Manji, and since he is a disgraced samurai who had killed a hundred innocent men, she cursed him by putting Kessen-Chu on his body. This allows him to survive lethal damage. Unlike many who are obsessed with immortality, Manji yearns for death. After his sister died, he vowed to take the lives of 1,000 evil men as atonement for killing innocents. The nun told him that when he did, the bloodworms would leave his body and let him die.

19 Orochimaru-Naruto

The most immortal anime characters of all time (3)

too much ofnaruto, Orochimaru is a plague in the village of Hidden Leafe. He was once one of the most extraordinary ninja as one of the legendary Sannin and even spreadoffer to be Hokage, but he had no other interest than his mad quest for immortality, which led him down a dark path. As he captured countless ninjas and performed inhuman experiments, he took on various powers and eventually discovered a technique to achieve immortality.

This technique is called The Reincarnation of the Living Corpse or theTechnique for eternal youth and immortality. It allows you to find a victim and transfer your soul to your body. With his immense powers far superior to even the strongest ninja and his technique to live forever, Orochimaru was one of the most frustratingly difficult villains to masternaruto.

18 Zombieman - One Punch Man

The most immortal anime characters of all time (4)

Ia kind of man, heroes are ranked in a list of tiers, with the S rank being the top tier. Zombieman is not only a first-rate detective, but also one of the S-rank heroes, and for good reason, because he actually can't die. He regenerates so incredibly fast that even the most devastating damage won't knock him down. Although he is much faster and stronger than the average human, he is not as strong as many other S-rank heroes and cannot do things like build levels. When facing opponents of immense strength, you must be cunning with your choice of weapons and battle tactics. Still, whether decapitated or completely torn apart, he will regenerate and return to the fight, making him practically immortal.

17 All for one - My Hero Academia

The most immortal anime characters of all time (5)

all for one isfrom my hero academymain antagonist and by far the biggest obstacle for the heroes on the show. INmy completely academic world, the heroes' and villains' powers are called "quirks," and All For One's quirk is the ability to adopt other people's quirks. So unlike everyone else on Earth who only has one quirk, he has many. He gained immortality by stealing the property known as "Life Forse" from a hero named Kyudai. He has lived much longer than any normal being, which allows him to collect more and more quirks and become so powerful; it's pretty much impossible to kill. The manga isn't finished yet, so will it finally meet its demise? The odds are slim.

sixteen Muzan Kibutsuji - Asesino demonios

The most immortal anime characters of all time (6)

Slayer of demonsIt's full of incredibly powerful demons, but Muzan is the original and far from itthe most powerful of all.While weapons like the Nuchiri Blades can kill any demon and even be imbued with the power of the sun to make them stronger, these weaponsit doesn't even work on muzun. The only weakness Muzan possesses is the sun, which will kill him. However, through a long life he has had time to devise strategies to avoid the sun, so this is not a difficult obstacle for him to overcome.

15 Alucard Hellsing

The most immortal anime characters of all time (7)

Alucard is the main character inhell. He is the world's first vampire and thus has all the basic advantages of being a vampire, including immortality. He is resistant to most of the usual vampire weaknesses, but needs to suck the blood of his victims to avoid entering a death state; however, he would not die in the traditional sense. There are some weapons that can kill him, but only a few specific ones, and since he's an unstoppable killing machine with supernatural powers who's lost most of his humanity, this isn't much of a problem.

The most immortal anime characters of all time (8)

The Dwarf in the Jar: Homunculus, known as Father iFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, is the main antagonist. INfull metal alchemist, The Eye is essentially God and represents all knowledge, and the Father was created from the essence of the Eye. The father is immortal, and although he is defeated in the end, he never really dies. The father has abilities far beyond any other character in the series, defying the laws of alchemy and being able to create a philosopher's stone; he is almost unstoppable.

13 Saitama - One Punch Man

The most immortal anime characters of all time (9)

I superhelteparodia kind of man, the protagonist Saitama is One Punch Man. He is a seemingly normal man whois virtually indestructible. He says he got super strong doing 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats and running 10K every day for a year. Of course, this wouldn't really work on an average human, so what's the real secret behind his supernatural powers? Who knows.

As it is, nothing and no one seems to make a dent in him. His only sign of mortality so far is when he was knocked all the way to the Moon, where he accidentally realized he couldn't breathe and jumped back to Earth. So, other than being starved of oxygen, it seems that there is nothing on Earth or beyond that could come close to killing it. Whether or not he is immortal and will live forever is unknown, but at this point it wouldn't be a surprise.

12 CC - Code Geass

The most immortal anime characters of all time (10)

CC offGeass code, known as C2 or the Immortal Witch, has been around for centuries. She has been shot in the head, burned at the stake, crushed by water pressure, stabbed with spears; either way, she came back from it. His immortality is a bit more complex than others. She has a sort of "biological backup system" where any injured body part can be replaced from the C world. But since there is no God in the C-world anymore, there is a limited amount of backups. This means she can die, but it can take an incredibly long time. The only way she could die for sure is if a code bearer killed her.

11 Isshiki Otsutsuki-Boruto

The most immortal anime characters of all time (11)

Isshiki Otsutsuki is the most formidable antagonist ofborutoandnarutouniverse. Isshiki is part of the Ōtsutsuki clan, an ancient clan of celestial beings sometimes described as aliens and considered equivalent to gods. Not only is he so strong that Naruto and Sasuke, the strongest Shinobi on Earth, could barely stay alive trying to fight him, but he is the strongest of all the Ōtsutsuki. He is practically immortal, as with the use of Kama he can revive even after sustaining fatal injuries. The only way for him to die is to prevent him from using Kama, which is no easy task.

10 Sukuna - Jujutsu Kaisen

The most immortal anime characters of all time (12)

Ijujutsu kaisenyour feet are onespecial class cursed spiritlocked in the body of the protagonist Yuji Itadori. A long time ago, Sukuna's 20 indestructible fingers were all that remained after he was "killed". I know it doesn't make him seem immortal, but he didn't actually die, just his physical body. He is still alive as his cursed spirit is in his fingers. If someone were to eat one like Yuji does, Sukuna's consciousness would upload to them.

Once inside a host, such as Itadori, Sukuna can manifest new eyes and even mouths on his body, allowing him to see and speak without losing control of his own body. However, Sukuna can take over the host's body from time to time, much like a person with a split personality who switches back and forth. If someone ate all 20 fingers, it is believed that they would fully incarnate into their physical form.

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9 Hidan-Naruto

The most immortal anime characters of all time (13)

Although Hidan is not as strong as many of the characters innarutouniverse, he cannot be killed. His immortality comes from his devotion to the Jashin religion. Not all followers of this religion achieve immortality, but Hidan is believed to have killed so many in Jashin's name that he was granted immortality to continue making sacrifices. He is not only immortal; use sadistic and unique ability to kill. If he were to steal an opponent's blood, he could perform a ritual that would connect his body with theirs.

By doing this, Hidan would take advantage of his immortality and inflict mortal wounds on himself, which would then be inflicted on the opponent he is connected to. The opponent would die, but Hidon would survive. No matter what happens to it, whether it is burned alive, blown to pieces or beheaded, it can regenerate. The only known way you can die is from malnutrition.

8 Kei Nagai - Ajin

The most immortal anime characters of all time (14)

The showClassIt is about the Ajin, an immortal species with supernatural powers. Kei appears to be a normal boy, but he is actually an Ajin. Nothing could ever kill him, whether he is completely obliterated or contracted a fatal disease; he can't even starve. If decapitated, its head can be reattached, but if the head cannot be reached, it will grow a new one. This new head, this new consciousness, will have the same memories and personality, but it is just a copy and the original.

The only caveat to these immortals is that they are not truly immortal... Ajin can die of old age. It would be due to natural causes, the same as any human dying of old age. But apart from the impending death that time brings to us all, nothing can kill them, making them practically immortal.

7 Ban - Seven Deadly Sins

The most immortal anime characters of all time (15)

BanSeven Deadly Sinsit is the sin of greed. He gained his immortality after meeting the Fountain of Youth and she gave him the water to save his life, making him immortal. Whenever he is killed, he is immediately revived. He has lived for over 700 years and has become superhuman in strength during his long life. Even if he lost his immortality, it would be extremely difficult to suppress. Like other immortals who could starve or die from disease or poison, ban not only does not age, but does not need food or water and cannot be killed by disease or poison.

6 Kars - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

The most immortal anime characters of all time (16)

Kars is the main antagonist ofJoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He is the leader of the Pill Men and he cannot die. He wasn't always immortal, but he gained immortality when he firsthe became a perfect being.He cannot die of age or in any other way. He is also incredibly versatile as he can manipulate light, access the DNA of every living thing on Earth, he has the highest IQ. in the world, and can create zombies. So he's not only immortal, but a terrifyingly terrifying foe.

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5 Ryuk - dødsbrev

The most immortal anime characters of all time (17)

in the showDeath note, Ryuk is a shinigami who cannot die. In this world, Shinigami use Death Note notebooks to kill people, extending their lifespan. Most Shinigami spend their time in the Shinigami Realm, but Ryuk is bored and throws a Death Note into the human world to see what a human will do with it for entertainment. The only way a Shinigami can be killed is if you save the life of a dying human by doing so with their Death Notebook; breaking the rules of a Death Note results in the Shinigami's death. Other than that, nothing on Earth or in the Shinigami Realm could kill Ryuk.

4 Aizen - Bleach

The most immortal anime characters of all time (18)

Aizen is the main antagonist ofBleachand by fusing with the Hogyoku, he has the power of immortality. He can regenerate from mortal wounds and has a significantly higher skill level than most characters. Unlike other immortals with a caveat, there is no way to kill him. Even when Ichigo used his most powerful technique, "Mugetsu", Aizen did not perish. It cannot be stopped unless sealed.

3 Kaguya Otsutsuki-Naruto: Shippuden

The most immortal anime characters of all time (19)

Kaguya is one of the most devastating enemies inNaruto Shippuden. She is one of the Ōtsutsuki clan, an ancient clan of celestial beings considered the equivalent of gods, much like the Isshiki mentioned above. She is not as strong as Isshiki, who has powers that could be considered far more extraordinary than his, but despite Kaguya being roughly the third strongest of all the Ōtsutsuki, she is the only one who is truly immortal, placing her over Isshiki as being indestructible. While Isshiki can die if she doesn't use Kama, the only way to defeat Kaguya is to seal her.

2 Fushi - For your eternity

The most immortal anime characters of all time (20)

One day, a mysterious being of unknown origin called the Container dropped a white orb on Earth. This entity started out as a sphere and later took the form of a wolf and then a child. INto you forever, this is Fushi. This immortal thing can take many forms and is incredibly destructive.

Fushi can never die in any way. Even if all of its forms are erased, it will always return to its original white, indestructible sphere form. Not only that, but every time Fushi dies, his respawn rate increases.

1 stor zeno-Dragon Ball super

The most immortal anime characters of all time (21)

In thatdragon balluniverse, the characters keep getting stronger and stronger. To the point that most of the characters are physically stronger than probably any anime characters ever created. Well, the creators went ahead and idragon balluniverse, not the physically strongest, but the most immortal being is the Omni-King, who is also known as the King of All and Lord of All. in the showDragon Ball super, the truly immortal great Zeno is one of the two supreme rulers of the entire multiverse.

Every creature that ever existed, includingGods and angels and the Supreme Kais, he fears Zeno's abilities, as Zeno has the power to erase an entire universe. No, go to the afterlife, as many dodragon balluniverse, just, poof, nothing. Even a being like himSuper Dragon Balls grant immortalitycan be deleted by Zeno. Needless to say, nothing can scratch a being of such immense power, making Zeno, as of now, the most immortal anime character of all time.

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