Top 10 Anime Banned Worldwide And Why [2021] (2023)

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There is hardly a genre that anime has not conquered. While the anime is super fun and fun to watch, it can get pretty crazy and questionable. Yes, the anime is animated, but the content is mature. From violence to incest and other controversial topics, anime can be offensive at times. Because of this, some countries have banned anime shows for their viewers, especially younger audiences.

Do you want to know what anime shows are and why they were banned? Well, you are in the right place. Today, we will talk about the top 10 banned anime shows and why they are banned. So let's find out!

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  • Part 1: Top 10 Banned Anime List
  • Part 2: Where to watch anime online for free

Part 1: Top 10 Banned Anime List

Here is a list of the 10 Banned Anime you should know and why they are banned:

1. Shoujo Tsubaki (banned everywhere)

It has a very dark, depressing and intense plot and is considered one of the most controversial anime movies of all time. This is a 1992 anime film about a young woman whose mother dies. The girl meets a man who says that he will help her if she needs anything. So, after her mother's death, she goes looking for the man and ends up in a circus where she is abused and raped. Thus, Shoujo Tsubaki deals with child sexual abuse with unbearable gore scenes. The horrifying and disturbing visuals of this anime left many viewers traumatized, so much so that the tapes of this film were also destroyed. Therefore, Shoujo Tsubaki is banned almost everywhere, including Japan itself.

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2. Osomatsu-San (banned in Japan)

Osomatsu-san was banned in Japan due to copyright issues. The first episode of the series had parodies of famous anime shows including Attack on Titan, Naruto, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and more. Thus, due to copyright, the first episode of the program was taken off the air. It is not yet available on major anime websites. You can find the DVD version of the show, but even those don't have the first episode.

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3. Excel Saga (banned in Japan)

Excel Saga is based on a popular manga of the same name. It is a secret ideological organization whose goal is to dominate the world. The entire Excel Saga is available to watch, except for its latest episode, called "Going Too Far", very fitting indeed. It's even banned in its home country of Japan. The reason this episode was banned is that it is too long, violent, pornographic and offensive. Fun fact: the show's director, Shinichi Watanabe, deliberately banned the last episode to make it edgy and unforgettable. The latest episode of Excel Saga is only available on DVD.

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4. Death Note (banned in China)

Death Note is one of the most famous anime of all time, and while it is gruesome, bloody, and gruesome, it is easily available on all major platforms, including Netflix. However, there is still a country that did not appreciate the dark premise of this show. Death Note is banned in China due to its theme. The show deals with death, justice, murder, and violence, which is why it is considered a corrupting influence on children.

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5. Attack on Titan (banned in China)

Another cult favorite anime on the charts is Attack on Titan. Due to its bloody, disgusting and disturbing appearance, it was banned in China. While millions of viewers love this anime, China feels that this show portrays too much excessive violence, which is unhealthy for younger audiences. That said, if you're 18 or older, don't miss Attack on Titan. It truly is one of the best anime out there!

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6. High School DxD (banned in New Zealand)

With very high viewership ratings, it's a bit of a shock to see this show make the list. High School DxD follows the story of Issei Hyodo, a perverted high school boy who is killed on his first date. But Rias Gremory reincarnates him as a devil. Now how did a show about angles and demons get banned? Well, the premise of the show centers around corrupt high school boys with a perverted mindset. This show is very sexual and shows a lot of nudity in certain scenes. This is why New Zealand banned High School DxD for its sexual harem themes based on high school kids.

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7. Puni Puny Poemy (banned in New Zealand)

Puni Puny Poemy sounds super cute and childish, but don't let the name fool you. punishedpetty poetryis a spin-off inspired by Excel Saga; no wonder it has been banned. This anime has a lot of sexual content involving very young characters. The nudity, explicit sex scenes, and harem-inspired content is what makes this show so objectionable. Thus, it is banned in New Zealand for being excessively vulgar and sexual for young viewers. The show doesn't have high ratings like popular titles like Death Note or Attack on Titan, so many countries ignored it.

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8. Hetalia: Axis Powers (Banned in South Korea)

Each character in this show represents a country and the role it played in World War II. Although it was a comedy anime, it offended some countries. South Korea actually banned the concert based on "offensive stereotypes" and the country called it a "national crime." Hetalia: Axis Powers continued to air, the character and all references to South Korea being dropped entirely due to backlash. The censored version of this anime is still available in some parts of the country.

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9. Pokémon (banned in Saudi Arabia)

Forbidden pokemon? pokemon is maybeAmost famous and innocent anime of all time. It is kid friendly and super clean. So why was a show about Satoshi and his pocket monster banned? Saudi Arabian religious authorities have stated that Pokémon promotes gambling and Jewish sentiments. Since then, there have been many conspiracy theories surrounding the show, claiming that it is a Zionist conspiracy. Therefore, it is prohibited in Saudi Arabia. crazy huh?

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10. Kite (banned in Norway)

Kite follows the story of a girl who uses bullets to kill people and blow them up. Now, you might be thinking that the violent nature of the show made it banned in Norway. Nope! It is not the case. Kiting is banned in Norway due to a very graphic scene of sexual assault on a minor. Norway has very strict laws against child pornography, so all anime has been banned. Likewise, the United States also censored and removed certain parts of the film, but they are not prohibited there.

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Part 2: Where to watch anime online for free

If you live in any of the countries mentioned in the list above and want to watch anime that is banned by your country, we've got you covered. Here are the top 5 websites where you can watch anime online for free:

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll has a wide range of anime shows and movies. This streaming service is available in different countries including the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and some Asian countries. From old anime shows to the latest ones, you'll find it all here. It allows you to watch and share anime on social networks. It is also available in different languages ​​with subtitles and voice acting. Crunchyroll also offers a premium version for an ad-free experience. The premium version also has a popular manga.

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2. 9 anime

9anime is a website dedicated to anime. It allows you to view different types of animated content. From action, drama, and thriller to comedy, you can watch any anime show here. This site gives you access to all the popular anime shows, movies, and OVAs (Original Video Animation). It is available in several countries, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, the Netherlands, and some Asian countries. If it is not available in your home country, you can also access this site through a VPN.

Top 10 Anime Banned Worldwide And Why [2021] (13)

3. 123 anime

This is a great alternative to 9anime. This site is a free platform to watch anime online for free in HD quality. It is also mobile friendly and loads videos without buffering. You can watch all famous anime shows and movies on 123anime, such as Pokemon, One Piece, Death Note, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, and more. It also allows you to download anime for free.

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4. Visualization

VIZ is one of the most popular options for manga and anime. From publishing to animation to entertainment licensing, VIZ has you covered. It offers all the popular manga as well as the latest anime series. From cult classic favorites to the latest hits, VIZ has the best collection of anime shows and movies. You can save your favorite show on the website and create your own library for watching anime shows. All shows also come with English subtitles.

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5. Animelab

AnimeLab is a website that offers a huge collection of all the popular anime. Also, all the videos here are dubbed and subtitled. It also allows you to catch the latest shows and releases as soon as they air. From action, thriller, adventure, and horror to drama and comedy, you can watch all kinds of anime here. It is also compatible with all Android and iPhone devices. Currently, AnimeLab is available in only two countries i.e. New Zealand and Australia. You can use VPN to watch in any other country.

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While anime has entertained fans over the years, there are some anime shows that are too disturbing and offensive. They can play with the psychology of the viewer and are often too inadequate to handle. These anime can be violent, sexual, or horrible. That is why some anime are banned in certain countries due to local laws, censorship, and copyright issues. In this article, we list the top 10 banned anime shows and why they are banned. If you want to watch anime, especially banned anime, check out the sites mentioned above. You will find all the anime shows you are looking for!

Top 10 Anime Banned Worldwide And Why [2021] (17)

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